Overview. The BE7-RAID is a next generation motherboard for Intel CPUs. The BE7-RAID uses Intel’s newest PE chipset to bring the latest in technology to. ABIT DRIVERS MANUALS BIOS Motherboard, mainboard, chipset, zakladni desky, Slot, Socket, Intel PE DDR BH7 IT7-MAX2 V BE7 BE7-RAID BE7- G. The BE7-G uses Intel’s newest PE chipset to bring the latest in technology to ABIT’s Intel platform. ABIT offers users the MaxIImum Edge by also incorporating .

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The boring aesthetic probably won’t bother those without case windows or anyone who doesn’t particularly care what his PC’s internals mannual like.

I’m not sure what your average user would do with that many PCI slots these days, but at least they’d be hedged against massive graphics card cooling systems that could potentially eat up a couple of PCI slots.


ABIT BE7 Manuals

Both plugs are located on the top edge of the board, which puts then amnual close to a standard ATX case’s power supply as you can reasonably expect to get, but the two plugs are placed at opposite ends of the board’s top edge.

Placing the two power plugs closer together would certainly make cable routing a little easier, but at least Abit didn’t stick amnual 4-pin power connector down by the AGP slot.

Much of mznual ample graphics legroom comes courtesy of the ICH4 south bridge chip’s lack of even a passive heat sink, so I suppose Intel deserves a little credit. The full analog audio jack cluster is particularly nice to see, since the more typical three-jack configuration doesn’t allow one to use all 5.

I shouldn’t have to go rummaging around in the tangled mess of wires, empty pop cans, and dust bunnies under my desk every time I switch between watching a DVD with full 5. Ideally, Ahit like to see at least a couple of USB 2.


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Customize The Tech Report So that’s what color motherboards used to be. Moving USB up front.

Power plugs split along the top of the board. Plenty of room to stretch out. A little more than your standard port array.

ABIT BE7-B Drivers

Motherboards Previous page Next page. CuttinHobo I heard he prefers to be called a Seth Lord Neutronbeam Besides money, let us know Seth what WE can do to help out–there’s a lot of sma Big news, no news, and future abiit.

Dell returns to the stock market after six years. Steam names the best-selling games of No Interruptions Day Shortbread. Merry Christmas from The Tech Report staff! LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture.

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