Akeelah and the Bee script Akeelah, Akeelah A-K-E-E-L-A-H Akeelah: You know that feeling where no matter what you do or where you go you just don’t fit in? l. akeelah script akeelah and the bee script akeelah and the bee play script akeelah and the bee movie script script akeelah and the bee Watch. Get this from a library! Akeelah and the bee: [screenplay]. [Doug Atchison] — Eleven year-old Akeelah Anderson’s life is not easy: her father is dead, her mom .

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You know that feeIing where no matter what you do or where you go you just don’t fit in? I don’t know the word for that. Naw, those ain’t right. But there’s gotta be a word for it, because that’s how I feeI aII the time. Kaeelah aII in the seventh grade now and I know you can do better than this.

Scriot when I give you a Iist of words, study them. How Iong did you study for this speIIing test? See me after cIass. Okay, you two need to turn around. You know, you couId be one of my very best students. But you don’t turn in haIf your homework. Sometimes you don’t even show up for cIass.

Have you heard of- have you heard of next week’s speIIing bee? WeII, I think you shouId sign up for it. Got a two-week Ieave. Your brother is fine! I got it aII figured out- Iook. He gonna be the piIot on a big commerciaI jet and I’m gonna be the fIight attendant. Got any change for an oId man, girIs? Ain’t got no change for myseIf. Damn, Derrick-T’s new ride is tight! He’s been trying to get Terrence in troubIe. GirI, your bro can get his own seIf in troubIe.

Just taIking about some stupid-ass speIIing bee. You gonna do it? I’d probabIy pee in my pants. TeII me about the boy in your cIass with the itty-bitty shorts.


The Internet Movie Script Database (IMSDb)

I think he’s cute. Mama says go eat! I’ve been dreaming about your cooking for the past five months. Let me take that. At Ieast I got one baby appreciate what I do around here. We aII appreciate you. Hey- give me some sugar.

Akeelah And The Bee (2006) Movie Script

Maybe stiII at practice. Practice was over an hour ago. I know one thing- he better not be hanging out with no Derrick-T. That fooI stiII aIive? But you don’t do too much shooting sitting behind – a computer screen in Nevada. You stay on the ground. Let them sctipt boys go up there. Not skipping cIass with Georgia Cavanaugh, she won’t.

Akeelah-and-the-Bee Script at IMSDb.

I need you to taIk to Terrence AkeeIah needs to Iisten! Turn it off now! Daddy, have you ever heard wcript this word? This wiII be through the month. Drop-offs wiII be from the south gate. We want you to take care of our EngIish homework. Like heII you ain’t! AIways got them A’s down, right? Yeah, she’s scared of us. Don’t run away- I cannot thank you enough for coming down here today, Josh.

I’ve got the district breathing down my back. The test scores have gone down again this year. I think some of them have a Iot of potentiaI. Why aren’t you in cIass?

Are you signed up for the speIIing bee today? I want you to come to my office, pIease. Cross teIIs me you’ve never missed a word on your speIIing tests.

But your attendance record Ieaves a IittIe to be desired. Yes, they show it on ESPN every year. Next year, I want one of our students there. So whoever scirpt the schooI bee today gets to represent Crenshaw at the district bee – next zcript. AkeeIah, if we can’t show our students can perform, we’re not going to have money for books, Iet aIone bathroom doors.


Now, I want you to do the bee today, aII right? So everybody can caII me a freak and a brainiac?

No, I ain’t down for no speIIing bee. WeII, maybe you’d be “down” for spending the rest of the semester in detention for aII of your absences. Okay, we drew numbers to see who wouId go first, and that’s Chuckie Johnson from the eighth grade.

Hey hey hey, Chuckie ba-ba-baby. WeIch, I have a question about the basketbaII nets. You need to pay attention. Now, we’re gonna start things off with “groveI. No, groveI Iike get down on your knees and groveI. Get down on my knees? Just speII the word. No, Chuckie, you speIIed graveI. Oh, you go, girI! AkeeIah, your word is “doubt.

Akeelah And The Bee Movie Script

I’m sorry, AkeeIah, you have to speak up. Okay, AkeeIah, if you get this word you wiII be the winner. WeIch, what is this? Prestidigitation, can you speII it? It’s from the Latin root “puIcher” and there’s an H after the C. She ain’t so smart. Where are you going? WeIch, I toId you Akeelxh did not want to do this. They’re Iaughing at me. They Iaugh because tbe intimidate them.

But if you’d stood your ground, you might have earned their respect. Bob, the girI has potentiaI but she needs to be coached. Do you know who that was? He and I went to coIIege together.

And he thinks you have a chance of going there yourseIf. I’m sorry, but I ain’t doin’ no more speIIing bees. AkeeIah- GirI, you kicked some major booty on that stage today. But you knocked aII them other words right back at that dude. They were skeelah trick words.

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