Albizia gummifera is a species of legume in the Fabaceae family, native to sub- saharan Africa and Madagascar, and naturalized in Brazil. It is also known as. Albizia gummifera. Fabaceae – Mimosoideae. () C. A. Sm. The pods and leaves of A. gummifera. (Hertel Gerard D.) The leaves are paripinnate with Albizia gummifera. Fabaceae. Indigenous. Ag: Kansin. Am: Sesa. Eng: Peacock flower. Gmz: Tehga. Or: Ambabessa, Chatto, Gorbe, Karchofe, Muka-.

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Check-list of ornamental plants used in Rhodesian parks and gardens. The Albizzia gummifera complex Kew Bulletin 7 4 Pages – Mimosoideae Flora Zambesiaca 3 albizla Pages – Pages – A list of Rhodesian Legumes.

Kirkia 8 2 Page A list of trees, shrubs and woody climbers indigenous or naturalised in Rhodesia. Kirkia 10 1 Page As Albizia gummifera gummifera.


Pages 15 gummmifera Click on each image to see a larger version and details of the record View all images 4. Very large deciduous, flat-topped tree with smooth barkvery rarely rough; young branches finely brownish-pubescent.

Albizia gummifera

Leaves bipinnate with pairs of pinnae; leaflets in pairs per pinna; with a small but distinct “heel”glossy dark-green above, pubescent beneath only albiziq the midrib and margins occasional hairs on the primary lateral nerves when young.

Flowers in semi-spherical heads, white; staminal tube conspicuous, crimson, exserted up to 2. Pod dehiscent, pale brown to reddish or purplish, glossy, becoming hairless with age.

This species is very similar to A. Native to divisions E and S, it is also commonly planted as an ornamental elsewhere, e. Derivation of specific name: Red data list status: Insects associated with this species: Display spot characters for this species.

Albizia gummifera gummifera Drummond, R. As Albizia gummifera gummifera Steedman, E.

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