Used Altec Lansing G Loudspeakers for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability. Used Altec for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Use Hifi ALTEC G High Frequency USA Driver Unit Japan eBay logo $1, Dec. horns can be secured to our G (16G) driver by either the two-bolt G (16G) Series II, our version of Altec Lansing’s G driver, one of the finest.

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Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Yes, the is an original Altec part.

The G model is the only with both Alnico mags and the Tangerine phase plug. This seems to change seasonally, plus it seems to be tied to the number of favourable mentions about the driver type on the “Big Three” forums; ie “here”the Altec User’s Board or the High Efficiency segment of the Audio Asylum.

Used Altec Lansing G Loudspeakers for Sale |

I am considering buying a tim rawson gainclone as they are fairly cheap and could always use it in a different system if ever i’m not completely satisfied, but it would be nice to know the sensitivity and recommended power before I make a move.

No other firm has had the impact on high quality audio that Western Electric, subsequently Altec, has had. Legal Privacy Policy Terms of Use. I don’t own any le85s or drivers so I can’t make the direct comparison you seek.


There was no Altec “G” but ; – Here’s the spec. Made in the USA. By the way JBL 1′ drivers can sound just as weak in the midrange down right terrible.

Altec 802 8g Horn Drivers

Listing is for one speaker. If you are an Altec audiophile don’t miss aotec and settle for an version which has a circumferential phase plug such as the B,C, or D.

They are very smooth and linear. Bill worked for Altec before starting Great Plains. The makes the 1″ sound silly, but need a tweeter. They developed the Mirrophonic speakers in based upon the revolutionary shearer system.

The time now is Their bandwidth is hz to 22Khz with a 1. These diaphragm-assemblies are made with the exact materials and built on the original tooling used by Altec Lansing. I 80-28g have fond feelings toward this particular diaphragm because the lead wires are very brittle right where they bend to go down to the dome, New ones don’t have that bend and seem to be stronger in my opinion. Results 1 to 6 of 6. Buyer will pay the cost for international shipping. Thanks for your help Earl!! They do exhibit some of the traits that one gets from a smaller-sized alrec – such as a reduction in apparent “torque” within the midband.


Altec G good, bad or ugly I have a pair of mint G-8G, how do they compare with the 802-8 le85? How do I actually know if they have to be recharged in the first place? I just noticed in your last post that the efficiency was for a limited bandwidth so I guess I wont be able to rely on a SPL meter to make sure I don’t damage the drivers if I am to use them with live music, right?

International shipping is available. This page 802-8y last updated: All times are GMT Altec G good, bad or ugly.

I can’t hear any difference from those or the new ones so I have to accept what others say. I hate to have to do it, but I simply do not have the room to keep them.

In my opinion the baby cheeks were the smoothest of all the JBL tweeters. Pair of Altec A7 Voice of the Altce speakers. Similar Threads Original or copy cones for ? Similar Threads From the bad, comes the good! Whatever the market will bear. Results 1 to 4 of 4. The time now is These are truly irreplaceable, fantastic sounding drivers!!!!

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