John Charles Chasteen. Americanos: Latin America’s Struggle for Independence. Oxford: Oxford University Press, xx + pp. $ (cloth), ISBN. John Charles Chasteen’s Americanos: Latin America’s Struggle for Independence relates the somewhat familiar story of the independence. John Charles Chasteen’s Americanos: Latin America’s Struggle for Independence relates the somewhat familiar story of the independence struggles of the.

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A premier volume in Oxford’s Pivotal Moments in World History series, Americanos offers an engagingly written, compact history of the Latin American wars of independence.

Proceeding almost cinematically, scene by vivid scene, John Charles Chasteen introduces the reader to lead players, basic concepts, key events, and dominant trends, braided together in a single, taut narrative. He vividly depicts the individuals and events of those tumultuous years, capturing the gathering forces for independence, the clashes of troops and decisions of leaders, and the rich, elaborate tapestry of Latin American societies as they embraced nationhood.


Both a writer and a translator, his books include Born in Blood and Fire: A Concise History of Latin America.

On the contrary, it sometimes gives the giddy feeling of one-damn-thing-after-another. A brilliant navigation of a complex history written with unparalleled clarity For all those interested in understanding Latin America today, this is an important and necessary book.

Chasteen’s graphic retelling lies in the colorful splashes of language he deploys to transport the reader back to this tumultuous time Strikes a neat balance between attentive commentary and dynamic storytelling. Students and specialists alike will be hard-pressed to put this vibrant volume down.

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Moreover, he consistently chronicles their participation within the context of new americanod political and cultural trends.

The result is a book that marvelously demonstrates how scholarly research redefines the way we narrate historical events.

Particularly notable are an unusually detailed discussion of the political events, both in Europe and the Iberian colonies, that led up to the armed insurgencies themselves, and sharply rendered mini-biographies of some of the era’s great revolutionary figures. Readers will find here a thoroughly engaging introduction to these ‘other’ American revolutions.


What more could one americaanos Americanos is good news for readers of history.

Americanos – Paperback – John Charles Chasteen – Oxford University Press

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Americanos: Latin America’s Struggle for Independence by John Charles Chasteen

Joseph, Yale University “John Chasteen is a terrific storyteller, and the protagonists in this epic narrative are vivid and fascinating. American Maelstrom Michael A. Saving Nelson Mandela Chastren S.

Latin American History William H. Jenkins of Mexico Andrew Paxman.

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