Ototoxicidad Perturbaciones transitorias o definitivas de la función auditiva y/o vestibular inducidas por sustancias de uso terapéutico. Transcript of AMIKACINA. AMINOGLUCOSIDOS son un grupo de antibióticos bactericidas que detienen el crecimiento bacteriano. Aminoglucósidos Su principal problema es su nefrotoxicidad y ototoxicidad. siempre se asocia a un segundo antibiótico • Amikacina: uso muy extendido en.

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A arte de pintar o ventre materno: Objetivou-se, neste estudo, descrever quando, como e por que a enfermeira e a obstetriz aplicam a pintura no ventre de gestantes. A coleta ocorreu por meio de entrevistas, realizadas entre os meses de janeiro e amimacina de Participaron siete profesionales de salud, los cuales aplican la pintura en vientre y atienden a mujeres embarazadas en Brasil.

The present study aimed to describe when, how and otltoxicidad the nurse and the midwife apply the painting on pregnant wombs. It was an exploratory research, qualitative approach, in which thematic oral history was adopted as ototoxcidad. Seven health professionals, who apply painting on the womb and attend pregnant women in Brazil, took part of it. The data provided through interviews conducted between January and May Data were examined based on the thematic analysis of content, of Laurence Bardin.

From the interviews, historical tree of womb painting has been drawn up and three categories emerged, which clarify when, how and why the nurse and the midwife apply this art. The womb painting has been adopted in the prenatal care and in the maternity as a strategy for health education and the promotion of maternal and family well-being. Antonieta Keiko Kakuda Shimo.

Este estudio tuvo como objetivo evaluar la prevalencia de las enfermedades periodontales y caries en usuarios de drogas institucionalizadas. Drug use causes several health hazards to oral health, increasing the prevalence of dental caries and periodontal diseases, representing a serious public health problem.

This study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of dental and periodontal caries in institutionalized drug users. It is an epidemiological, cross-sectional, census-based, analytical study with institutionalized drug users, carried out from August to June Standardized examiners applied a form to collect sociodemographic data and on drug consumption.

Dental caries were evaluated through the DMFT index and periodontal disease through clinical indicators: A total of males, mean age The most commonly used drug was alcohol It is concluded that the prevalence of caries was The studied population presented high prevalence of dental caries and periodontal disease and there was a correlation between alcohol and tobacco use time with periodontal disease and with higher DMFT. Warli de Brito Ferreira.

Marina Ferraz Neves Oliveira. Las variables ototoxiciead fueron: The purpose of this study was to describe the cases of hospital admissions and the financial impact of pulmonary tuberculosis in the state of Bahia, Brazil between and It is an epidemiological, descriptive and cross-sectional study, using the data obtained in the Department of Information Technology of the Unified Health System.

The variables collected were: The cases of hospital admissions have been selected in accordance with chapter I of the 10th International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Health Problems, including the categories between A Among the results, it was found that in the period studied, 5, cases of hospital admissions for pulmonary tuberculosis in the state of Bahia were registered, which corresponds to 0. Pulmonary tuberculosis has generated a financial impact in Bahia of more than 7 million reales in the period studied and the Eastern macro region has generated greater spending to the state, corresponding to It is concluded that in the Eastern macro region, the mode of distribution of cases of hospital admissions for pulmonary tuberculosis makes the macro region a priority for the actions of ototoxcidad and prevention of the pathology.


Amikaicna Narriman Silva de Oliveira Boery. The objective of this study was to identify the capacity to offer and execute Primary Healthcare services to people with tuberculosis in a municipality in the Brazilian Northeast. A validated ami,acina was used to assess tuberculosis care. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics.

It was obtained that the interests of the management of the unit to promote changes in the attention to the disease, the goals agreed and registered by the health unit and the records related to the support of the professionals of the health unit were classified with limited capacity.

The accomplishment of the teamwork and the prioritization of the improvement of the assistance by the management of the unit were classified with basic capacity.

amikacinx It is concluded that the training of professionals for the control of tuberculosis in Primary Health Care has an unfavorable capacity. Sonaly Melo de Macedo. Clara Ceci Diogenes Rego. Cinthia Joizy de Oliveira Vieira.

Sandy Yasmine Bezerra e Silva. Eliabe Rodrigues de Medeiros.

Tereza Cristina Scatena Villa. The objective of this research was to analyze the knowledge of bioethics by health academics in a public university in Bahia. This is a descriptive, exploratory study with a quantitative approach, carried out with 82 academics that were in the last semester of the health courses of the State University of the Southwest of Bahia – UESB.

For the collection of data, the questionnaire on Formative Indicators in Bioethics in Health Professions was used: The data showed that the students present knowledge about the objectives and principles of bioethics, but when inferred about the concepts of bioethics, some participants presented divergences in the answers.

It is concluded that the teaching of bioethics must be done in a transdisciplinary way, also requiring the dissociation of bioethics and deontology in the graduations, besides promoting spaces of reflection and knowledge about the subject. Mariana Oliveira Antunes Ferraz. The objective of this study was to analyze the vaccination status of the Human Rotavirus Oral Vaccine in children in early childhood education. Data were collected from March and December through the check list.

It was concluded that there was an increase in the number of doses administered in the last years. However, a larger number of unimmunized children in the larger age group were observed.

Luiza Helena dos Santos Wesp. Los hombres presentan 1.

This is a quantitative investigation carried out in two phases: In both phases, the totality of registered cases of pulmonary tuberculosis between and was used. The source of data was the Integrated Health Information System and the case record book. The selection of controls was simple random, with the total of respiratory symptoms and the ELISA report. Among the results it is noted that the incidence in Pavas periodranged between Em ambas as fases, utilizou-se a totalidade dos casos registrados de tuberculose pulmonar entre e Os homens apresentam 1,9 vezes mais a possibilidade de desenvolver tuberculose e as pessoas com HIV apresentam 9,7 vezes essa possibilidade.

Trata-se de um estudo descritivo com abordagem qualitativa. Dezesseis enfermeiros entrevistados participaram.

Enfermería Actual en Costa Rica

Se trata de un estudio descriptivo de enfoque cualitativo. Participaron 16 enfermeros entrevistados. Se concluye que aunque se reconoce la importancia de la acogida y su resolutividad, se constata la necesidad de capacitar y crear protocolos de direccionamiento.

This study emerged as a proposal for change in the work process in health services that pay attention to the population, especially spontaneous demand. The objective was to know the perception amikacnia nurses about the reception and classification of risk in primary health care.

It is a descriptive study with a qualitative approach. Sixteen nurses interviewed participated. The analysis of the data resulted in three categories: Knowledge and responsibilities of the reception, applicability of the classification of risks and protocols, and difficulties in the reception. The results showed that the concept of reception and classification of risk are recognized by the nurses, but in the applicability of both processes they find difficulties in the responsibility of the reception and in the ignorance of the users in relation to the forms of attention.


It is concluded that although the importance of reception and its resolution is recognized, the need to train and create addressing protocols is confirmed. The article shows the exclusive attention of nurses in a maternity, whose objective was to analyze the social representations of the users about the attention given by the obstetric nurses in amikacnia institution.

It is a research with a qualitative, descriptive approach; Directed by the theory of social representations of Moscovici. The data analysis was carried out through an interpretative framework, selecting the ideas highlighted by means of chromatic technique; next, the empirical data confronted with the otootxicidad is discussed.

The users point out that the care received was part of a framework of humanization, responsibility, and trust, which makes it possible to attend a delivery according to their customs, which, based amikaacina theory, reflects professional autonomy.

Participaram 34 mulheres atendidas na maternidade. Pedro Miguel Santos Dinis Pareira. La muestra fue estratificada de participantes. Se concluye que es necesario socializar la normativa, de manera que se ofrezca seguridad al usuario y enfermeras os en el proceso transfusional.

This article is the first part of an investigation; the objective was to evaluate the knowledge and compliance of established regulations for the transfusion of blood components in a Class A Social Security hospital in Costa Rica by nurses. There was a population of nurses working in the medical, surgical, gynecology, maternity, neurosurgery, medical, and surgical intensive care units.

Monografía de Antibioticos por Dr. Alfredo Reyes | PDF Flipbook

A self-administered instrument was used for data collection with the aspects of transfusion regulations; for data analysis the Surveymonkey system was used. The results showed that there is an important percentage of nurses who do not know basic aspects of the institutional regulations for blood transfusion.

It is concluded that it is necessary to socialize the legislation, so as to offer safety to the user and nurses in the transfusion process. Uma amostra estratificada de participantes foi obtida. Generalidades de las venas varicosas en miembros inferiores y su tratamiento durante el embarazo: The varicose disease is a common problem that affects a large part of the world population in greater percentage of women, added to its condition the presence of pregnancy.

This narrative review has the objective of knowing the available scientific evidence on diagnostic aspects, risk factors and conservative or invasive intervention including surgery of varicose veins in lower limbs in pregnant women.


Fifty bibliographical references were retrieved and six documents were selected for analysis. Regarding the diagnosis is carried out through observation, direct examination, clinical history, more specific examinations such as Doppler.

The most common symptom presented is a pain in the lower limbs, oedema, heaviness, pruritus and cramps. The intervention for the treatment of pregnant women is conservative therapy, only in exceptional cases will be determined another type of treatment. Education plays a very important role in the safety ototoxicdad the mother and the fetus.

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