One might ask of the publishers of this new anarchist cookbook, as Emmett Grogan demanded of Abbie Hoffman upon the publication of Steal This Book!. Recipes for Disaster has ratings and 42 reviews. Bree said: This book was a graduation present from my friend Leah. I liked the art projects. Ironica. CrimethInc., also known as CWC, which stands for either “CrimethInc. Ex- Workers Collective” or Nights of Love, Expect Resistance, Evasion, Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook the pamphlets To CrimethInc. texts have received wide coverage in the anarchist media and in academic publications, and have.

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The Anarchist Cookbook – Wikipedia

This book is full of good info for ac I’m skipping around a lot in this book, not reading it straight through cover to cover. I respect their will to leave it up to me to decide, but you can give some thoughts and leave it up to me, you don’t have to leave it blank. There are many authors who impart real world recipies for everything from bike shops, dumpster diving to crashing parades. With things as pedestrian as making asphalt mosaics to stuff as monumental as undoing societal operation, this book is a handy reference for a wide scope if folks, be they wide-eyed DIY-sters, jaded ex-punks, or someone’s uninitiated cousin who wants to know what’s up.

Apr 12, John Gentry rated it liked it Shelves: The Anacostia Diaries as It Is.

Table of Contents

Jun 20, Graybird rated it really liked it Shelves: Green Apple Books caption: In County DurhamUK inIan Davison and his son were imprisoned crimtehinc anti-terrorism laws for the manufacturing of ricinand their possession of The Anarchist Cookbookalong with its availability, was noted by the authorities. Princeton University PressPrinceton and Oxford. I found it to be mostly devoid of truly useful information that pushed the envelope in any real way.

I know, just putting this book in my “to read” bookshelf gets me put on the list. There has been a pattern of promoting convergences as festivals, reminiscent of barnstorming flying circuses and travelling sideshows. I found it to be redundant and at times condescending. It’s just as fucking cool as it should be. Indispensable guide to resistance tactics.


All 5th graders need to be taught the Pie Throwing chapter. They saw ‘the revolution’ not as a final product but as an ongoing process; they wanted not just to destroy the capitalist system but to create something livable in its place. Insightful, encouraging and best of all inspiring. Jun 01, alex is currently reading it Recommends it for: Anu Bonobo Summer It’s short on flippant, condescending, privileged politics and long on actual useful “recipes” for everything from silkscreening to how to deal with felony charges.

Crimethought is not any ideology or value system or lifestyle, but rather a way of challenging all ideologies and value systems and lifestyles—and, for the advanced agent, a way of making all ideologies, value systems, and lifestyles challenging. Recipes for Disaster includes very little on herbal remedies, as extensive literature has already been published about them, but features a full thirty-five pages on organizing black blocs and similar forms of anonymous mass action, since little resource material exists for those who would apply this potentially dangerous yet often useful strategy.

Inthey began publishing a half-gloss journal, Rolling Thunderwith the byline “An Anarchist Journal of Dangerous Living”, which released its eighth issue in Some anarchists seem to conceive of the process of anarchist organizing as consisting of a long phase of debate over what constitutes effective tactics, followed by agreement upon and application of one approach, but such loquacious deferral of action is pointless: What are you waiting for?

Agents Provocateurs, chilly December Dec 23, andrew rated it it was amazing. I guess I was thinking that it wasn’t going to just be full of the counter-cultural lifestyle wheat-paste, make love, and have a party, stuff that crimethinc.

Or most people that I know. CrimeInc is one of those activist groups which is either loved or loathed by fellow activists, but regardless of your personal stance with them, this book contains some useful information regarding many aspects of direct action etc.

Very well done in layout, form, descriptions, illustrations and photography. I took a nice, brisk, stroll through this guide book. May your every dream come true, —CrimethInc. But really only useful if you live the suburban anarchist lifestyle and are looking for a way out.


Childress, Sarah August Some can be fun and engaging, some can be intolerably self-righteous, but still worth a read and at its best, the book c One of three books that I bought cookbbook AK Press, an anarchist publisher.

Some of the instructions could use more visuals.

In short, why give away our secrets? Loads to read, to think about, and to do. Schragis said publishers have a responsibility to the public, and the book had no positive social purpose that could justify keeping it in print. Several websites are maintained by individual cells, including Crimethinc. An Anarchist Cookbook by CrimethInc.

Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook

OK, so I didn’t read every word in this book. Anarchism portal Books portal Freedom of speech portal Terrorism portal s portal. In limited cases, yes, the powers that be will be able to use our book to prepare themselves for our efforts to contest their control, but we hope that this drawback will be outweighed by the ways in which this work can help equip new generations to strike blows for freedom from unexpected directions and in unpredictable ways.

It was just the same old urban hip kid anarchist street warrior blah blah blah. With things as pedestrian as making asphalt mosaics to stuff as monumental as undoing societal Where many things with the word “anarchist” in the title set themselves up for failure, thus book succeeds with flying colors.

The name varies slightly from Anarchist Cookbook to Anarchy Cookbook and the topics have expanded vastly in the intervening decades. CrimethInc as a loose association represents a variety of political views; the CrimethInc. If you associate yourself with the struggle for a better world, consider how you can do your part to get these tools into unlikely hands.

Simply put, read this book and awaken anew. Retrieved March 3, Archived from the original.

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