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Andhra jyothi news paper — Telugu news paper.

Andhra jyothi news paper — Telugu news paper

Dear sir, We are the regualar customer of your esteemed telugu daily news paper Andhra jyothi wndhra E paper also, since so many years. This is not advertisement to circulate the pamlet, I think they don’t have right to circulate these defaming pamplets. We have given mail to andhrajyothi editor take proper action against paper agent, but they failoed do so News Paper should be reflect in trasperent to their customers, they would be be couragious.

They have mentioned in their website that ‘”Andhra Jyothi has such greatly committed, well-groomed, exceedingly professional soldiers” Such big abmitioned orgasnisation should seems to be non professional. We are loosing the confidense such news papers Iam requesting to avoid such thing for money This is not just a complaint but I dint found a way how to contact your news paper.

My agony is all about Mr. I am presently living in USA I am very much frustrated about the way they are talking about the Megastar the great.

Basically they are not true telugu people. They really dont know about the conditions in Andhra Pradesh. I even wonder if they know there are how many states in A. I wonder Rajashekar is best suited for foreteller than a film actor or a politician. Hoe would he know that chiru dont wins in the politics??????????????? And one more thing he told like chiru dont have any political experience but who the hell is he?????

Even I am an Indian citizen even I have right to talk sorry if some one was hurt. We the Epapper of Mr Ducare Wonda.

Andhra jyothi news paper — Telugu news paper

A private Loan lender and acorporate financier for real estate and any kinds of business financing. Weoffer Loans to individuals, Firms and other cooperate bodies who are inneed of financial help or assistant at a reduced interest rate.

We offer the following loans category: Contact our loan officer Email: I wish to submit a few lines for your consideration and needful help through your. I am 40 years old. I am living in Kuwait for the past 16 years. Due to some circumstance, totally my life is spoiled in Kuwait because of my sponsor created some problems against me. Due to this situation i am suffering in all the way physically, financially, Mentally.

Further for the past 4 years i do not have residence permit and also i do not have the jyoti. Actually i don’t know how to solve my problems. Simply i say, the God only knows how many days i am suffering even for food. Without food epapdr without money for room rent how many years i am living in Kuwait. These are all the God only knows.


Simply i say that I don’t know how to express my feelings in the form of words. That much i am suffering in all the ways, jyothk, financially, Mentally. I am only son for my parents. jyoothi

My mother is more aged and she is living alone without any income sources. For the past 5 years i could not send money for my mother. Both of my sisters also financially suffering due to lack of income. I don’t have any income in Kuwait. I don’t know how to live, how to run my life in Kuwait.

My mother is also living depending upon my support. Meanwhile, my sponsor filed the case under the court in Kuwait for past 5 years. Still my case is not coming to conclusion. I don’t know what to do in my future.

First of all i must relieve from Kuwait by the support of you.

ABN Andhra Jyothi – Wikipedia

Every day my mother calls me through the telephone and crying about me. She wants to see me. My family members are all eagerly waiting when will i come back to India.

Everyday i am also crying due to my bad situation. Concerning my present situation, I stated the full details as given below: Moreover, i have already informed about my situation to the Honorable chief Minister Mr. Through this message i wish to inform you that kindly take steps to relieve me from Kuwait and also for my brightful future.

I have full confidence that you will do help me and save me for my life and for my mother also. Finally i request you to kindly relieve me and save me in this world. For your verification i forward the all messages as given below: Kindly read all my message and do help for me and for my family.

Thank you very much for all your help and co-operation. Thursday, June 11, 4: To; Contact Jagan Anna!! Monday, December 1,9: I am living in Kuwait. Meanwhile i was doing business with my Sponsor. Due to some problems i was affected by the some of my customers. Due to that circumstance, i am now disabled handicapped unemployed candidate in Kuwait. I don’t have residence permit also from the period of to till today. My case is now under the court in Kuwait. My physical condition is very bad and i don’t have job, i cont go anywhere without money.

Till today i did not get any judgment from the court. I have sent all messages to the Government of Kuwait also. I have to relief from the bad condition. I must come back to India for getting medical treatment and surgery. If you do favor for me, it will be very useful for my life. For your verification, i have mentioned all my details as given below.


Still i am suffering financially, mentally, physically unsatisfied due to lake of my residence-permit. You know every thing about my situation. If you give me and permit me to do the work in any other company by the support of your ministry, i will do the work and i will clear the amount of KD 2, for my sponsor. If you permit me by your authority of your ministry, it will be very use full for full fill my hungry and run my life little peace fully.

I have full confidence that you will do favor for my brightful future. Again and again i request you to kindly consider my critical position. I hope that you will fulfill my entire ambition. I am a disabled Indian in Kuwait.

I discharged from the hospital a week after i came to my house. During the same month of may MR. Due to that incident i was fall down. Moreover he told me that all of our customers of housemaid office, the customers all are complained jyohi the police, the house maids are ran away from our office and he told me customers are demanded the money jyohi to lost of housemaid cost. Epapwr that he came to cool and convinced me that he wanted to go on London for vocation.

Due to this situation he told me that he will give the power of attorney about our office and the whole in-charges Including renewal of my residency- permit in my hand. In the same time he said he demanded, he wanted to get the signature from me.

He jjothi some Arabic written and some plain papers. Simply i was signed in all papers. Actually he did not explain and what he has mentioned in that papers.

Due to the language problem, i could not understand that time. During that same period some of andhr office owners Kuwaitis told me to file the case on my sponsor. But i did not file any case on him. The reason because i was having full confidence and believed him. But he took all of my signed papers he went out.

Without any information, he closed the office. I went to the hospital to remove the operation stitching and also for medical check up.

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