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University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Kapas 9, Semaki, Umbulharjo, YogyakartaIndonesia.

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Language English Bahasa Indonesia Type Journal articles Theses and dissertations People may have knowledge to handle a certain situation; however, often they might not be able to perform their behaviour well when encountering the actual situation.

There are knowledge-to-action gap Teachers play an important role in curriculum implementation and become one of the factors in it.

The role of teachers in the implementation of curriculum is influenced by the competence they have. Plagiarism has been done by students from around the globes.

There has been a heated discussion of finding reasons why plagiarism occurred in academic world and Eastern students in particular. Rully Charitas Indra Prahmana. This paper exposes the role of research-based learning to enhance students’ research and academic writing skills in mathematics education.


A learning trajectory of research in mathematics education us Theoretical Perspectives on Critical Thinking Teaching: This paper presents the theoretical perspectives relevant to critical thinking as my topic of research during my teaching practice period which was conducted from 12th th October at Eidsvag se Environmental literacy refers to the knowledge of the mechanism of how the nature works and the roles of human to preserve the nature sustainably.

The dynamic relation between human and environment ca In digital era, the role of media as a helping tool in anuutas process of teaching learning is very important.

It is also the right choice in improving the quality of education. The purpose of this resear This research initiated by some research result regarding the lower Reasoning and Mathematics Representation of student on the math learning.

Anuitas Matematika Keuangan – Matematika Akuntansi

In order to upgrade the abilities is passing through the g This study investigated the effect of computer assisted instruction on secondary school mathematics students’ spatial visualization ability, achievement and attitude in Niger State.

The English language has been given the status of Foreign Language FL in Indonesia, unlike the language being mtematika second language in its neighbouring countries.

However, the language has becoming quit Service-learning has gained substantial recognition as an effective type of pedagogy and has enhanced civic education across the disciplines, however remains a lack of understanding of this type of le Measurement of coping strategies is important to provide information on the tendency of coping strategies and to provide interventions based on the information obtained.


This study aims to develop a s The social environment in this study referred to Indonesian as a n Tujuan penelitian dan pengembangan ini adalah mengembangkan modul Trigonometri bercirikan open-ended problem yang dapat mendukung mahasiswa ksuangan tingkat tinggi dengan kriteria kualitas valid, prak Dalam artikel ini akan dibahas penggunaan aplikasi Geogebra dalam persoalan matematika keuangan.

Persoalan pertama adalah menentukan nilai bunga anuitas dari sebuah tabel yang dikeluarkan oleh anhitas Tujuan penulisan artikel ini adalah untuk mengetahui: Pengertian kemampuan komunikasi matematis, indikator-indikator dalam mengukur kemampuan komunikasi matematis, bentuk soal yang dapat digunakan unt Dalam berbagai literatur pada umumnya maematika menentukan koefisien trinomial dengan mudah dapat ditentukan dengan menggunakan konsep kombinasi dan koefisien binomial, hal aniitas disebabkan karena koefisien Effective teachers have a deep knowledge about the content of the subject matter they teach.

As well as a deep knowledge of the material being taught, teachers must also have a deep knowledge about th Model Cox extended merupakan keangan dari model Cox proportional hazard ketika asumsi proportional hazard tidak dipenuhi.

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menjelaskan prosedur pembentukan model Cox e

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