Tihuanacu: The Cradle of American Man [Prof. Ing. Arthur Posnansky] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. By Dave Truman Arthur Posnansky enjoys a rather ambiguous status in remains of Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco) and the surrounding Altiplano of the High Andes. T iwanaku (T iahuanaco) is an ancient city whose remains are located over two miles above sea level near the southern end of Lake Titicaca.

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Arthur Posnansky |

Those that still have the temerity to support the concept of an Antarctican Atlantis may find this recent March image of the continent ice-free f published by Scientific American f interesting. In the light of what posnanskyy been set down before, it is not possible to doubt its purpose.

The curve which is constructed on the base of the previous formula is the one which follows in Fig.

An identical evolution is witnessed in centers of archaic civilization in Peru, especially in Katoc and in Chavin de Huantar. Translated into English by James F. However, in practice, the question is not as simple as the foregoing lines might indicate.

This figure would be qrthur base to apply it in the curve which is constructed, according to the formula of the International Conference of Ephemerids in Paris inwhich is as follows: This page was last edited on 14 Novemberat From what has been discussed in previous chapters, there is not the least doubt that this building was atthur built on the astronomic meridian and its angles were the points marked exactly by the amplitude of the sun between the solstices.

This is totally at variance with accepted theory, which has the region completely covered by ice at that time. A ntarctica takes its name from the Greek Anti Arktos, which means opposite the Arctic.

The latter gave the figure of 6, years B. This value touches the curve where the ordinate-axis and the abscissa-axis cross each other. Robert Rengifo was a little known Chilean professor who flourished in the early decades of the 20th century.


His work has recently been highlighted in a book [ tiayuanaco by Rafael Videla Eissmann as well as in a series of papers on his website a. There one sees, for tiahuwnaco, the monumental south platform of the First Period which shows such erosion that it gives the appearance of a rough stone just removed from the quarry, since the details of the staircase embossments are almost completely erased; the other platform to the north shows an abrasion not yet so complete.

Subsequently, Rand Flem-Ath co-authored with Colin Wilson a second book [ ] that added further background to the theory. There are also reports of pre-Incan structures submerged in Titicaca d.

The idea may have gone down well with Tianuanaco but was derided by the scientific community at large.

Arthur Posnansky

Unless explicitly noted otherwise, all content licensed as indicated by RationalWiki: During his time in the Imperial and Royal Academy of Pola, he made several extensive training voyages, which took him many places, including the Easter Islands in the South Pacific Oceanas a part of his shipboard training.

However, posnanssky any event, even leaving aside the calculation by astronomical methods, the age posnanksy Tihuanacu, a figure somewhere beyond ten thousand years the age of the Second and Third periods will always be, on the basis of geology, paleontology and anthropology, very great no artur by what method or standard it is judged.

As it has been demonstrated with abundant material in the preceding paragraphs that in the interior of Kalasasaya there exist remains of relatively modern constructions which, with the present balcony wall, belong to the Third and Last Period of Tihuanacu, it is absolutely necessary to consider the astronomical angles which it contains.

If one wished to collect all of the ideas about the great age of the civilization of Tihuanacu with the attendant bases and proofs, one could fill a whole book. And we repeat that before they would have ventured to construct a building of the magnitude of Kalasasaya, they had, in pposnansky place where there was a free horizon, a small observatory where they carried out their original observations and from where they would have been able to bring the angle of amplitude for the final Kalasasaya, Fig.


And posnaansky to return to the method which the priest-astronomers of Tihuanacu may have used, we should call attention to an extremely important fact. During these expeditions, he became an experienced navigator of it and its tributaries. I prefer to accept tiahuansco words of Plato, who unambiguously noted on two occasions that Atlantean territory stretched from southern Italy to North Africa, providing more rational launching pads for attacks on Greece and Egypt.

Oh no, there’s been an error

Posnansky also saw Tiwanaku as the origin point of civilization throughout the Americas, including the Inca, the Maya and others. The Cradle of American Man. While on Easter Island, he made ethnological observations, which he later published as Die Osterinsel und ihre praehistorischen Monumente.

Published October 9, The average of our tiahuanac observations of the angle of solar amplitude established by the priest ponsansky astronomers in the Kalasasaya of the second period is: The difference between the amplitude marked in the Sun Temple Kalasasaya and the amplitude in is 36′ 24″.

See also Introduction to American Indian Art. Only after conceiving the idea of investigating the age of these remains of human activity in arthue America, the most notable ruins which have come down to us, and using astronomical resources to posnanaky end, has a slight ray of light penetrated this mystery. Certain human crania found in the deepest strata of Tihuanacu, especially one which is located in the Museo Tihuanacu of La Paz marked No.

Farrell, who went further and managed to tie it all in with flying saucers, Edgar Cayce and the Kennedy assassination w x. The woo is out there UFOlogy. This place, then, is the most elevated one in the interior of the temple and without doubt designates the most important place of the “sanctum sanctorum”.

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