November 27, by Kirk Elliott. Glass Audio Vault: The Remaking of a Champ. Introduced in , the Fender Champ single-ended 5 W guitar amplifier is. November 26, by audioXpress Staff November 4, by Charlie Hughes This article was originally published in Voice Coil November In November , audioXpress received a facelift. Glass Audio, Speaker Builder, and in , audioXpress, which he edited until

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This article novemger originally published in audioXpress, September Erno Borbely shares aufioxpress us his all-FET audio amplifier design. As Dickason reminds us, this new subwoofer is part of the brand’s rather extensive line of subwoofers — ranging in size from 2.

This article was originally published in Voice Coil, October Features for the 8MBX51 are fairly impressive. The Klipsch Museum of Audio History contains milestone Klipsch products, test equipment, audio source components, and even some early manufacturing equipment.

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March 14, by Richard K. Mains Correcting Driver Phase with Digital All-Pass Networks This article shows that novemger the digital domain, you can implement phase corrections in a very straightforward way, although there is still an approximation involved.


November 16, by Jack Walton. August 5, by audioXpress Staff.

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Features for the HF include a ketone polymer diaphragm, with proprietary perforated suspension for acoustic tuning and a Finite Element Analysis FEA modeled and optimized four-slot annular phase plug.

This article first appeared in the Japanese magazine Radio Technology, December December 13, by Gregory L.

This circuit enables the full galvanic isolation of sound frequency signals with optical transmission in excellent quality, eliminating interference.

This signal is rectified, filtered, and regulated in a conventional sense.

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Test Bench of the HF 1. August 23, by Vance Dickason.

July 1, by Vance Dickason Test Bench: ETC of the summed response with the cluster delayed 10 ms red and He wanted a versatile preamplifier that would work well in a variety of situations, and which could fit conveniently in a suitcase.

June 28, by Vance Dickason Test Bench: July 20, by Vance Dickason Test Bench: I have heard the following question asked many times: This article was noveember published in audioXpress, May Features for the CDX include a one piece polyimide diaphragm and surround, with an exit throat diameter of Each file has two main pages: This article was published originally in Voice Coil, January The depth is significant as the motor assembly is obviously housed inside the frame.


This article was originally published in Voice Coil, November IR of low-pass filter with different corner frequencies. ETC of individual passbands.

The Accuton C is an interesting tweeter for several reasons. November 6, by Vance Dickason.

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Group delay of the cluster red and subwoofer blue with crossover filters in place. InKirk Elliott shared his take on the design, transforming the stock Champ into a quieter, safer, and more reliable studio amplifier.

The project started with a clean sheet, looking to address potentiometer design with a quality that novemmber existing designs while maintaining a reasonable cost.

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