Stürmer SCHWEISSKRAFT Hauptkatalog, Stand 01/”. Fa. Stürmer SCHWEISSKRAFT Hauptkatalog, Stand 01/ by dvollath · Cover of ” Bauhaus. dam, Bonn () Amtlicher Katalog der internationalen Bauaustellung (Berlin, ) Bayer, Herbert, Walter Gropius and Ise Gropius, Bauhaus, – Jeder Häfele Katalog und jede Häfele Broschüre können hier eingesehen, heruntergeladen und angefragt werden.

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All data on this site is bauhahs as is and visitors use it at their own risk. More information these issues and privacy can be read here. A bibliography [of] Walter Gropius, to University of Michigan.


Corner of the workshop wing University of Michigan. Workshop and students’ building University of Michigan. Exterior view University of Michigan.

Te bouwen en wonen: Ledade dumper yukle boxca az

Deutz machine factory and office building. Werkbund Exposition University of Michigan.

Four diagrams showing the development of the slab apartment block University of Michigan. National Life Story Collection: Johnson-Marshall, Percy 1 of 3. Letter from Walter Gropius to John J.

Galerie im Geburtshaus Ernst Rietschel. National Life Stories Collection: Close-up of West facade University of Michigan. Staatliches Bauhaus Weimar letterhead Letter to J.

Walter Gropius letterhead Letter to J. Walter Gropius, Lincoln, Mass. Photograph University of Michigan.

Glass-walled staircase of office building University of Michigan.

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