Coax – RG-8/U Type . Belden provides the information and specifications herein on an “AS IS” basis, with no representations or warranties, whether. Approx. Wt. lb./1, ft.: Braid %: 90% BRAID COVERAGE. Braid Material: TINNED COPPER. CSA: FT1 VERTICAL FLAME TEST. Coax Construction. foot reel of The Belden RG8/U coaxial cable (black) is low loss with an “air” dielectric. This 50 Ohm coax cable has a solid center conductor and .

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Email Subscription You are not subscribed to this review. I can’t recommend Shop Video and RF. Contact the site with comments or questions. Shop Magnetic and Reed Switches. Orders and Quotes To view recent orders login to your account.

I was using the cable on 2 and 6 Meters. You will need special crimp tool to assemble this connector. Drop Ship This item usually ships within business days directly from the manufacturer subject to availability. I have not had problems with this coax. Browse Related Browse Related. Shop Air Quality Sensors. A mom put food on the table. Then I tested it for loss.

Shop Power Transfer Switches. This is the low loss brother to the F. Was up on the roof checking everything out before winter sets in. In Stock Soon This item is currently out 991 stock. So bringing up water migration in a review of f as an excuse for a poor review borders on dishonesty. Shop Power Factor Beledn. The jacket did not nick up or show any signs of damage as I routed the cable through the shack, up the wall, through conduit and up the “tower”.


In stock and ready to ship.

Shop Solar Power Combiner. Belden Refine Results. They are both foam based and both feature foil and braid shielding and both have virtually identical specifications and performance. I saw another belddn rated the F7 badly because it was out in the rain. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Shop Rectangular Beden Acid Batteries. This stuff passes water like a dang garden hose! It came from a working system where the coax was neatly tucked under the eve of a home. Extra low loss 50ohm Feedling.

The bottom line is if you seal the terminations properly and observe the manufacturers specification and bleden curves then both should provide many years of quality service. Chrome Firefox Edge Internet Explorer As a contest station, I use F for my 6m, 2m, and arrays. Quite stiff because of large solid center conductor.

Belden 9913

Shop 9931 Snap Action Switches. Your high quality radio deserves the be It is a softer more rubber like material. I am No longer a believer in Belden, as their performance in a controlled inside enviroment may be great BUT real life application shows significantly different results.


We can also provide cable asse Shop Test Equipment Accessories. The main reasons are because we provide these in. The outer jacket of the coax shows some signs of weathering, but not as much as in some cheap 8x I put up at the same time. Shop Power Entry Module Accessories.

Belden Coax. Cables & Connectors | eBay

The outer shield’s durability is a joke allowing water infiltration to the feedline. Have worked 39 states on 2 meters with watts and a 13B2 at feet. I am still using lengths of Belden I bought when it originally hit the market. It bears little resemblence to the old water absorbing variety of For longer lengths, order more than one. Rectangular Lead Acid Batteries.

This stuff has a grayish foam like dielectric. Susceptibility to water intrusion only affected early versions of the air dielectric version of which to the best of my knowledge has been out of production for 913 sometime and is quite easy to identify compared to the foam version.

We cannot afford to deal with such a Pig Headed representative of the company.

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