Vincenzo Bellini. Vaga luna, che inargenti, song for voice & piano. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook · twitter. “Vaga luna, che inargenti” (Beautiful moon, dappling with silver) is an arietta composed by Vincenzo Bellini to an anonymous Italian text. It was published in. Vaga luna che inargenti official lyrics by Vincenzo Bellini: Vaga luna, che inargenti queste rive e questi fiori ed inspiri agli elementi il.

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nellini While today there are some questions about its attribution to Bellini the song was not published until in the Tre ariette collectionthis song is still generally credited to him and is at the very least consistent with his style of simple, gradually unfolding melodies and in his songs minimal or no ornamentation.

While it creates incredible demands on the singer, the song calls for breath control and subtlety rather than for display of agility and range.


Vaga luna, che inargenti, song for voice & piano

The lines, brllini of Belliniare lingering and gradually developing, over an accompaniment that leaves the singer to provide most of the dynamic shaping and shading. The structure is strophic, which also creates interpretive challenges; the singer must build upon but not completely repeat the mood and emotions of the first verse while interpreting the second. The small, mostly stepwise intervals also call for subtle shadings of intonation and dynamics. The piano introduction sets the pensive, faintly melancholy mood with its rocking arpeggios, over which the melodic theme is played high in the treble.

After this one iteration of the melody, the accompaniment takes the melodic lead only in the bridge between verses, in which it repeats the introduction. Each verse ends with a heavily repetitive section which, while reminiscent in structure of the ending of an operatic cabaletta, only marginally increases speed and intensity, belkini the tone of the song remains dreamy and amorous. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript.

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Bellini – Vaga luna che inargenti sheet music for Voice –

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