In exercise of the powers conferred by section of the Bombay Prohibition Act, (Bom. XXV of (, and of all other powers enabling it in this behalf and. The Bombay Prohibition Act, is an Act of the Bombay Legislative Assembly relating to the promotion and enforcement of alcohol prohibition in the Bombay. Bom. XXV). THE MAHARASHTRA PROHIBITION ACT loco co ojo. CONTENTS. PREAMBLE. SECTIONS: CHAPTER I. Preliminary. 1. Short title, extent.

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Maharashtra Prohibition Act, 1.

bombay prohibition act

Short title, extent and commencement. Commissioner of Prohibition and Excise. Investing officers of Police and other departments with powers and duties under this Act.

Other Boards and Committees. Control of Commissioner over Prohibition Officers and other officers. Power of Gram Sabha to enforce prohibition or to regulate or restrict the sale and consumption of any intoxicant. Prohibition of manufacture of liquor and construction and working of distillery or brewery. Prohibition of sale, etc. Prohibition of export, import, transport, sale, manufacture, etc. Prohibition of import, export, transport, sale etc. Prohibition of tapping of toddy producing trees and drawing of toddy.

Prohibition of possession, etc. Prohibition of sale to minor. Prohibition of sale of toddy.

Prohibition or production, etc. Alteration of denatured spirit. Alteration of denatured spirituous preparation.

Prohibition of allowing any premises to be used as common drinking house. Prohibition of issuing prescriptions for intoxicating liquor except by registered medical practitioners.

Prohibition of soliciting use of intoxicant or hemp or doing any act calculated to incite or encourage member of public to commit offence. Prohibition of publication of advertisements relating to intoxicant, etc. This Chapter not to apply to certain articles. Distilleries and warehouses for intoxicants. Prlhibition or hemp not to be removed from warehouse, etc. Passes for import, etc. Licence for possession or rectified spirit and alcohol for industrial or medical purposes.


Licences for bona fide medicinal or prohubition purposes. Licences, for purchase, etc. Licences for tapping neera. Trade and import licences. Special import licences to hotels. Licences to shipping companies and to Masters of ships. Permission to use or consume foreign liquor on warships, troops ships and in messes and canteens of armed forces. Special permits to foreign sovereigns, etc. Permits to be non-transferable.

Regulation of use or consumption of foreign liquor by certain permit holders. Authorization for sacramental purposes. Permits for consumption or use of intoxicating drugs or opium.

The Bombay Prohibition Act, 1949

Exclusive privilege of Government to import, etc. Rules for sale, etc. Power of authorized officer to grant licences, permits, and passes in certain cases. General Conditions regarding licences, etc. Certain licenses required to keep measures, etc.

Power to cancel or suspend licences prohihition permits. Holder of licence, etc. Cancellation for other reasons. Right, title or interest under licence cat liable to be sold of sct in execution.

Supervision over manufacture, etc. Commissioner entitled to require licences holder or owner to dispose of stocks. Control on manufacture etc. Manufacture of articles mentioned in section 24A. Analysis of articles mentioned in section 24A. Prohibition against possession of denatured spirituous preparation in excess of prescribed limit and the regulation of its possession in excess of prescribed limit.

Regulation of manufacture, etc. Bommbay of export or import of Mhowra Flowers. Control of export, etc. Provisions of sections 53 to 59 to apply to licences granted under section Power of State Government to direct holder of stock of molasses to sell them at fixed price to any officer, person or class of persons.

Penalty for illegal import, etc. Penalty for illegal cultivation and collection of hemp and other matters. Penalty for alteration or attempting to alter denatured spirit. Penalty for alteration or attempting to alter denatured spirituous preparation.

Penalty for contravention of provision regarding prescriptions. Penalty for manufacturing articles mentioned in section 24A in contravention of the provisions of section 59A. Penalty for failure bo,bay satisfy the Commissioner under sub-section 1or to comply with a requisition under sub-section 2 of section 59B. Penalty for possessing, etc. Penalty for opening etc.


Penalty for illegal import of molasses. Penalty for selling molasses at price exceeding fixed price. Penalty for removal of intoxicant etc. Penalty for printing or Publishing advertisement in contravention of provisions of Act, etc. Penalty for circulating etc.

Penalty for inciting or encouraging certain acts. Penalty for contravention of provisions of section Penalty for neglect to keep measures, etc. Penalty for misconduct by licensee, etc.

Penalty for misconduct by licensed vendor or manufacturer. Liability of licensee for acts of servants. Penalty for attempts or abetment.

Breach of licence, permit, etc. Penalty for being found drunk in any drinking house. Penalty for being drunk and for disorderly behaviour. Penalty prohigition allowing any premises to be used bommbay purpose of committing an offence under Act. Penalty for chemist, druggist or apothecary for allowing vare premises to be used for purpose of consumption of liquor.

Penalty prohibitkon issuing false prescriptions. Penalty for maliciously giving false information. Penalty for offence not otherwise provided for. Demand for security for abstaining from commission of certain offences.

Release of offenders on bond. Demand of security for good behaviour. Execution of bonds in respect of minors. Punishment for vexatious search, seizure or arrest. Punishment for vexatious delay. Punishment for abetment for escape of persons arrested. Things liable to confiscation. Return of things liable to confiscation to bona fide owners. Power of Collector etc. Forfeiture of any publication containing advertisement matter soliciting use of intoxicants.

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