Gamification is the process of integrating game mechanics into a system that. Bunchball Nitro is the enterprise engagement platform powered by. Bunchball Nitro for SAP Jam puts the most advanced gamification engine.

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Bunchball – Wikipedia

Formed inBunchball: Enterprise Gamifocation is a software company that provides cloud-based gamification products to help companies gain new customers and improve current customer loyalty. Bunchball offers its signature product, Bunchball Nitro, on five different platforms.

All of the Bunchball Nitro platforms are built to engage and motivate users through gamification.

By integrating Nitro with their Sales Cloud and Service Cloud, Salesforce encourages employees to deliver better service and to increase overall sales. IBM Connections and Jive use Nitro to educate new users about different aspects of their companies through narrative-based activities.


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Bunchball: Enterprise Gamification | TechnologyAdvice

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