With this SAP FI-CIN (Country India Version for Finance module) customization ( IMG) document, each step is displayed clearly on the. SAP CIN Configuration Document is very useful for all SAP CIN consultant and or who are having aspiration to be CIN consultant. SAP System Configuration Guide Country Version IndiaSAP System Configuration Guide Country Version India Change Information No. 1.

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Where does the billing document get the account for excise duty payable? No you cannot reverse the posting doen with fortnightly utilization. Tax jurisdiction codes are one method by which you can maintain tax rates with out having multitude of tax codes.


I cannot create a proforma billing document for a replenishment delivery. When I try to create RG1 issues entry the sa; turns red and nothing happens? You need load them manually at the initial data upload.

CIN calculates the opening balance for reporting purposes based on the transaction s extracted in any period.

You have to make the payment manually using J1IS at the factory.

CIN Interview Questions – SAP SIMPLE Docs

How to configure stock transport order? What should I do? It comprises of functionalities degined for the laws and business practices pertaining to the country.


At the time of excise invoice creation the debit is being made into configuratjon Excise payable account. The system will first check in the Form type maintenance whether the form is marked as required.

SAP CIN Configuration Document – SAP ebooks

Is it possible to cancel an excise invoice with zero duty? Are opening and closing balances of reghister available for me for reporting? Legally you can take credit for all the receipts and then pay the duty when it goes out after repair or to another customer.

I have extracted the register data once but now I have configuratjon more transactions. Can I have a different rate for incoming and outgoing transactions for the same material?

Published by Jayanth Maydipalle. If this is available then that rate is picked up. Each unique value should denote one concession rate.

You need to maintain the conflguration record for output determination at the sold to party level. When I release the billing document to accounting there is an error that the account key is missing? If you are using ci own layout then you need ot maintain this in the output determination procedure of billing documents for the output type j1i0. WelcomeGuest Login Register. First the system will check if there is an exceptional rate ni.


Why there is no transaction type for J2IU? Here is some information on CIN Configuration. This is a very short phenomena and is meant to keep the data consistency. Most of the country-specific functions for India fivo to Financials and Logistics. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Can I do away with jurisdiction code?

This is got using the condition base value formula. What will the system do if I have not received the form at the time of billing?

Is it possible to add some additional duty on to the depot invoice with out A certificate? While doing depot sales invoice selection, list of invoices are not getting displayed.

When I create a new tax code the excise lines are grey and I cannot maintain any value. How do I open up more than one tax classification? Created by Ciblast modified by Somnath Manna on Feb 10, This is an internal entity for CIN and has no relevance to the business process.

What is the number range used for export excise invoice? There are 2 levels for rate determination.

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