The CourseSmart reader takes up too much of my already minuscule screen real estate. I own the book. How can I convert it into a pdf so that I. Finally, a method for downloading books from CourseSmart and converting them to PDF – SpikedCola/DownloadCourseSmartBooks. Go to Type the name of a book in the search bar located . With our intuitive conversion packages, you won’t need any other.

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Common Post Topics In no particular order The McGraw-Hill CourseSmart reader is something that runs on their website then downloads it to my computer. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Alternative Format Books

You can also search for the topic if you want. What this function does is, it allows you to go ahead and take a look at a few pages from the book. Say, if you need some relevant sections that you want to go back to time, and again, you can have them with you. CourseSmart reader provides a variety of services to instructors including Instant Access feature.

As CourseSmart reader went viral with its affordable packages and a significant number of books, it became a prime property.

Discussions focused on topics covered in other subreddits may be removed see Related Links below This is not a place to discuss DDL sites. Want to add to the discussion? This process will require the syllabus for the class to better ensure timely delivery of appropriate materials. You just have to give it the topic you want for the book. The CourseSmart reader takes up too much of my already minuscule screen real estate. Alternative format books Braille excluded are often lighter, more compact, and easier to transport than standard hard copy print versions.


With Digital age coming to its most distinct and fruitful phase, you have thousands of companies which are lapping it up. You can always switch back to the reading mode whenever you find it useful enough. They made CourseSmart into an all inclusive eTextbooks portal.

CourseSmart Reader – Why This EBook Provider Is A Way Ahead Of Anything Else

Mostly you will find that you can find multiple books referring to the same topic. With this in hand, easily you have one-click access to the largest eTextbooks and course materials for their teaching purpose. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

When you are satisfied with what you see, you can proceed and buy the book. Welcome to the torrents subreddit. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Available for individuals with print disabilities; Books free with membership; currently free membership to students.

Please read over the rules before contributing. A specific format of audio books. If you are a subject teacher or faculty for a field, you can use CourseSmart bookshelf for your teaching purposes.


I did this with a program forgot the name sorry for my textbook, It used the print function and then would create screenshots of every page. SDS will contact publisher to obtain eText version of books.

Another useful feature of this reader app is that you can continue reading a book even when another book is downloading.

Sites with RSS feeds? Do not request or post torrent links or seed requests.

All you have to do is integrate this app with Blackboard education platform. The eBooks what we see presently have come to a stage where they offer much more than just reading. Remote Torrents on Android? Rules No pirated content. Utilize the ISBN on back of book, either 10 or 13 numbers for the search to obtain correct cojvert of book.

Over the years, one of the starters of leading technology has been CourseSmart.

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