La broma infinita has ratings and reviews. Fabian said: Anybody who completes Infinite Jest automatically receives a medal. Really. Just r. La broma infinita has ratings and reviews. Kemper said: I should have hated this book. pages of small text with loooooonnnnggggg paragr. La broma infinita by David Foster Wallace, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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A couple years ago, somehow I stumbled on this site and realized, very quickly, what a tremendous opportunity it presented. A chance to catalog my library my way. How nice for me. Even better, a chance to rate books, the ones I loved and the ones I liked less.

So I did what I imagined any intelli. So I did what I imagined any intelligent person would do—I started stalking their iinfinita. Checking to see where consensus bromw. I even started Liking their reviews—taking that initial plunge into making my humble presence known. Lo and behold, people started asking to be my Friend.

People who knew each other.

I was loving this place. It felt like home. The only social networking site I had any interest in—a site for readers.

Which, of course, led me to roster Gang of Who is this Gang of 59? Of course, being me, Next meant almost two years later, over a hundred other titles read first, and after signing up for a joint group read, I actually started it. Interesting choices with regard to the subsidized calendar years. Hal Incandenza won me over immediately.

And I read more, and more.

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I began to not anticipate an ending, but rather to dread it. Reading while doing a slow burn. Instead, the few places where I really did laugh, and laugh out loud, were sight gags e. But most of the humorous just rolled by like wheelchairs. The footnotes quickly became an additional source of annoyance.

They boil down to two types: For me, they added to the bloat. Reading the novel on the Kindle made jumping back and forth pretty easy. So what else bugs you? I kept asking myself Well, the relentless, tedious, overdone, badgered, tiresome, chronic, over-use of free indirect style. Those moments that could should? After any given Marathe section, I wanted to slink off to my chair of reclining in the room of my reading and bob on a whopper of Hope.

Yes, I believe I can. How about all those compound possessives? And for the record, I still believe I have the smartest, funniest, best-read, and most-coveted Friends on GR, and I stalk the reviews of a helluva bunch as well. Cheeses, Puma, for someone who just wants to put this behind him, you sure have a way of dragging this out As interesting as the Gang of 59, when supplemented by Friends and the Followed who’ve marked this book To Read, is a rather interesting little non-list, conspicuous in their lack of interest, almost as if they know better.

When I started thinking about this book yesterday after I finished it. I mostly thought about it in my own head, my experience of the book and my understanding of the book. My favorite book, yeah I just actively have one and it has been since I was 15 about I thinkis the stranger by albert camus. I am not at this moment feeling like my opinions on this book are being respected in the same way that I would prefer all opinions are respected.

So I guess the best way to talk about the book is to talk about what DFW actually says are his goals with the book and how he thinks the book should work. I watched some interviews while thinking about this book and what I found was Wallace says in regard to this book that the avant-garde has a responsibility to make a reader want to read the book. Now I read the new foer book and that is avant-garde and for me that really met this criterion.

I read the book and I immediately wanted to sit down and read it again.

I learned something really important from this book. I learned that even after hundreds of pages a book can surprise you, I learned that even in the darkest moment of reading a book there can be moments of beauty and light.


And you know, I learned that I actually want to go back and see if maybe Gaddis and I just needed a break. I mean after all I liked so much of that book before I got frustrated and annoyed, maybe he could pull it back. In the case of infinite jest, well there are these things in psychology called reinforcement schedules. There are a bunch of types. The most effective type is something called intermittent reinforcement.

This means that an animal is reinforced periodically but not on any kind of a set schedule. This book felt like that for me. And I guess Wallace succeeded sort of I kept reading the book. For me personally the experience of reading this book had super intense ups and downs. It was like when you are on a roller coaster and you go down one of those straight hills and your stomach drops out from under you.

Connor has been trying to convince me this is important to the novel, it is suppose to be like this, it needs to be like this. I actually do buy the first half of that. Okay this is not something that is good enough for me. Life has highs and lows, and life has ups and downs, so the book does. Of course the books has ups and downs like a rapid cycling bipolar not like a normal person, if you intend to mimic life I think you have to include the slide from low to high.

The other thing that Wallace says I find interesting is that art is about loneliness and conversation between human beings. I am totally onboard here.

La broma infinita by David Foster Wallace (4 star ratings)

I mean I really think I feel this in books like the jenn ashworth. I mean what is it really like to connect to really be there with a person who is maybe just a little bit wrong, a little bit off. This is totally it, I read books to connect to human beings, just like I listen to music to connect lz human beings.

A book is a better thing to chat with than anything else on the planet. But what if you can be there experiencing the overwhelming horizontality with Hal, if you can experience the intense craving with Eredy, if you can understand the choice between principles and pain with Don Gately, if you understand the fear Joelle has of revealing herself to gately, but then you just fall out of the relationship. Well can you maintain? I think that this probably differs on a person to person infinuta, but I know for myself that I had to constantly reestablish that relationship with every character in the book except eredy, probably because he was in the book so little, and here is the thing in the real world after you try to empathize with someone and you get slapped enough times you jnfinita trying, or at least I stop trying, and when you have the infknita to empathize you have to put in so much effort that you resent the person you are trying to empathize with, and then you feel like a terrible person.

Maybe infinta is the point maybe Wallace wants me to feel the way a drug addict feels drug addicts have trouble recognizing any facial expression besides contempt because it is the only one they tend to see. Instead the book and I have developed a beautiful cycle of mutual hatred, this is not a conversation. On the other hand, ibfinita he says his infknita was to write a sad book, job well done. This is what I was talking about in the last review when I said the book leaked sadness.

Okay now what I actually thought I was going to talk about when it comes to the conversations this book attempts is that as far as the ones I am interested in they felt extremely one sided. Now when I actually sit down with my friends and engage about a topic, not like fucking around over beers like actually talking, I tend to sort of fall into a more motivational interviewing approach to the world. I do know people see me that way.


The fact is that there were so many really great issues that came up in this book AA was just one of them, an example, there was the metaphor of the cartridge for drug abuse, there was the sense of defining identity of any single human being outside their personal actions, etc.

Now I get that maybe my last review misrepresented, maybe it seemed like I was saying my problem was that I disagreed with Wallace and it is true on most of these issues I do. I felt like what I got was at best a Nietzschesque aphorism. Like hey look suicide, and then I was left to sit down and think through suicide myself. And yeah I did get a really solid one sided view on some of these issues but I really think there was enough room in this book for both sides.

I felt like at best I was being lectured to and at worst I was being given discussion topics for a speed dating session where the date never showed up.

Okay so on the endnotes. And yes I have considered when the endnotes where there and honestly I came up with nothing except what I said in my other review, paraphrased as to fuck up the smoothness of my reading experience. Well I googled till I found David Foster Wallace talking about the endnotes and he says that the point is that reality is fractured and they are suppose to mess with the flow of the novel. So not only did I consider it, but I actually had the purpose of the footnotes right.

Here is my problem. I found them completely disorienting. Probably this is related to my dislike of end notes and therefore my complete lack of practice using them. I think a lot of this could have been solved by making the definitional endnotes footnotes on the pages.

When I was probably about 16 I had been playing the clarinet for something like seven years and the harp for 11, so I mean I was entrenched in the whole music performance thing my band instructor, Daniel Granholm gave a lecture about how you can tell if you have played a piece of music well. The main point being if the audience starts clapping the second the music ends you have performed poorly. If you play a song well the audience should get lost in the music and it should take them a second or two to come out of that to applaud for you at the end of a song.

If they applaud exactly when a song ends it means they are waiting for the song to be over in the case of our orchestra because listening to them was painful, but that is long story about some intense mistakes in the organization of the orchestra rehearsals, and of course the retarded lack of talent of most high school string players.

How is this relevant to mr. Wallace, well I have been looking forward to the end of this book, since, well not exactly since, more like mostly during all the words in the book. Now don’t get me wrong I think there is a really amazing page book buried in there I didn’t mark he pages I thought were good, I kind of think I should have now.

In between those, lets estimate high and ignore the footnotes for the moment, there were pages that I read wishing they weren’t there at all, or that I took long naps while reading so I wouldn’t have to read them anymore I will give this book credit, I have slept more while reading this book than I have in probably 15 years. I spent most of this book skimming ahead for stops asking myself, “how much more of this do I have to read before I can take a break?

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