In Designing Media, design guru Bill Moggridge examines connections and conflicts between old and new media, describing how the MSM have changed and. Designing Media [With DVD] has 59 ratings and 9 reviews. Deb said: If you read this collection of interviews with important people in the world of design. We’re jealous of Bill Moggridge’s social network which is a rather meta way of expressing that his new book “Designing Media”, about the.

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We’re jealous of Bill Moggridge’s social network True to the occasionally awkward mashup that is print media in the digital age, Moggridge’s book includes an resigning DVD of the actual interviews themselves.

We confess that after reading every word of the rather gargantuan book, we only accessed the accompanying DVD to watch the physicality and body language of the most interesting interviewees e.

That said, we suppose that the pick and choose hypertext way of gathering information from the moggridgw is something Moggridge and most of the interviewees would find perfectly appropriate. Indeed, the interviews are available here. I’ve linked to Chris Anderson’s video in particular, given that his last book advocated giving content away for free.

The interviews in “Designing Media” are organized in sections under jedia like: When you bounce from an interview with DJ Spooky to Jimmy Wales, a little context is profoundly helpful, and Moggridge provides seamless segues.

Book Review: Designing Media, by Bill Moggridge

Under Moggridge’s watch, “Designing Media” becomes more than a set of interviews. By the final comments in the last interview, the thrust of its underlying thesis that “the printed word will not disappear” simply serves as a valedictory to a thesis that the reader has already discovered for themselves. Moggrdige assures us that, “while digital media is directly responsible for falling revenues deisgning music, film and the printed word, individuals and companies will find ways to carve niches in the new digital domain.


Desinging book is beautifully designed, and easy emdia read. Our only quibble would be that at the beginning of the book, Moggridge lays out that the blue text represents his voice.

Although the book reads seamlessly and it’s fairly obvious who wrote what, since the author specifically called out the blue sections as his own voice, it seems odd to see his words in black.

Amazingly, however, it doesn’t really matter who’s writing. Nearly every one of the interviewees visible on the cover page has something to say and so does Moggridge. There’s designinh too much book to encapsulate in a short review, so as befits a book of interviews and quotations, we’re content to close with Moggridge’s words: I’m optimistic that the democratization of media design and production will turn out to enhance the truth and on balance be good for us all.

I love when we are able to find seemingly simple solutions to everyday problems. Product Tank did just that with “New Rule”, a ruler for the visually impaired. Adding to the designingg, high contrast numbers you would expect, “New Rule” has a slider with a geared wheel that displays the Cheryl Heller posted a fantastic point bilo view on the Design Thinking movement.


Designing Media [With DVD]

One which aligns with my personal take but instead of posting my interpretation, I’ll just let her tell it How joggridge you show a semester’s worth of work? In a 2 minute time lapse of course. Check out the above video of a small team of 3rd year students from UC posted by James Sloss.

The video focusses mainly on Design is all about context. When that contextual information is removed, products can be very confusing. As designers we often see this when people are introduced to a new technology that is manifested in a design that breaks so strongly with tradition that they don’t know how to use it Don’t have an account?

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Straight to you every other week. Join overdesigners who stay up-to-date with the Core77 newsletter By Michael DiTullo – Jan 19, Ruler for moggdidge visually impaired by Product Tank I love when we are able to find seemingly simple solutions to everyday problems.

Designing Media [With DVD] by Bill Moggridge

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