“Create Killer Websites Using the Power of Modern JavaScript” DHTML Utopia is an easy-to-follow, step-by-step tutorial that will show you how to make your. Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM. HTML Source Review. Now that using nice, valid HTML and CSS for layout have been well and truly cracked. DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM by Stuart contributes to Stylish Scripting: SitePoint’s DHTML and CSS Blog. About The.

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Stuart Langridge, DHTML Utopia Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM

You may recall from the previous chapter the technique of referring to a Function object without calling it. HTML that complies with these rules is said to be “valid.

This script contains a myScriptInit function, which sets up myScriptEventListener as an event listener. Clicking any link will open that link in a new window if the box is checked. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources.

DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript and DOM

The three categories in the middle of the list are of concern to us in this chapter. For a start, this would cause an error in a non-DOM browser, because we can’t call the getElementById method there at all – it doesn’t exist! This feature of JavaScript – the ability to test whether a method exists – has been part of the language since its inception; thus, it is safe to use it on even the oldest Dmo browsers.

Naturally, making events work cross-browser is not as easy as just following the DOM standard. The techniques we have explored in this chapter are at their most powerful when we combine the dynamic capabilities of DHTML with the page styling of CSS.


This allows us to put browser objects in all scripts, and use them only utopiw our detection code gets around to it: Amazon Music Stream millions of songs.

DHTML Utopia: Modern Web Design Using JavaScript & DOM – Stuart Langridge – Google Books

It’s especially handy if your thumbnails display something like a document, rather than a photo. The DOM standard specifies a method, named preventDefaultthat achieves this, but again, Internet Explorer implements its own proprietary technique. Keeping your HTML valid avoids all these problems. Symmetrically, the p node is the parent of the a node. In many cases, the disparities in browser support can be worked around, but fundamentally, a page should never rely on a DHTML effect being possible, but use DHTML to enhance the usability of a page for those with capable browsers i.

There are lots deslgn reasons. This is possible because JavaScript treats zero as meaning false. To change the highlight, simply change the CSS.

Netscape also provides pageX and pageY, which are mouse coordinates relative to the document. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Imagine we use the method as follows:. Having to create a whole batch of new elements and text nodes — appending the text nodes to their elements, the elements to each other, and the top element to the page — is something of a laborious process.

Matt Wilcox on the 15 Jun If we do not include the brackets, we’re referring to the JavaScript Function object that underlies the method. We might use the following code:. Fortunately, all major browsers support the nonstandard keyCode. Finally, we looked at a few events in detail, and saw some simple examples of how code can attach to those events and improve the user experience on sites that employ these techniques.


Similarly, a browser that implements the DOM completely and without bugs would make life very easy.

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Events have two further important properties: Our code includes the now-familiar addEvent function to carry out cross-browser event hookups. Mixing these technologies together can result in a humble stew or a grandiose buffet.

So, to insert the Yahoo!

Key codes in the DOM are a standards mess! Any hope of your being able to control the appearance and functionality of your pages across browsers goes right out the window unless you do this right. Those methods start from the window. Internet Explorer returns them relative to the window, as does Mozilla, but all of Opera, Konqueror, and iCab return them relative to the document.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. The upshot of this exercise is that all the cells in the same column as the moused-over cell will have class hi ; the table row containing the cell will also have class hi.

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