A mercenary, a galactic traveller, a survivor: Earl Dumarest is tired and wants to go home. But in a decadent universe where life is cheap and starflight precious. Dumarest of Terra (The Dumarest Saga in the UK) is a series of 33 science-fiction novels written by Edwin Charles Tubb between and They are the. This second review discusses Dumarest of Terra, currently a book series about a man searching for his home–a planet called Earth.

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Back inE. The adventurer was Earl Dumarest and his homeworld is Earth. The problem was that mysteriously almost all evidence of Earth had been expunged. Of course, there has to be a bunch of Bad Guys trying to stop Dumarest.

Tubb chose the cyborgs called the Cyclan who hunt Dumarest to prevent him from finding Earth. In addition, Dumarest also possesses the affinity twin, a way to control the mind of anyone he comes in contact with. The Cyclan want the affinity twin to help them achieve galactic domination. Yes, the writing is formulaic. But, all dumarezt all, the Dumarest series is satisfying space opera. I felt sorry to see the series end. DAW Books dropped the Dumarest series in Volume 32, The Returnwas published by a small press in But now Tubb has done that for me.

I have mixed feelings about Child of Earth. It concludes the series, but leaves plenty unexplained. Thanks a lot to Phil for taking the time to post. Of course I definitely will purchase the two new sadly last books. I do remember seeing it announced that Tubb was working on number 34 at the same time as Child of Fumarest was announced.

I wonder, if there had been a Dumarest 34, what Tubb had in mind, because the series leaves plenty of open questions!!! PS a quick search found this: The Cyclan still threatens the Universe, Steve.

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He certainly did live a long and, I hope, fulfilled life. What a superb writer, and Tetra join wholeheartedly in hoping that his literary talents will live on and be appreciated kf future readers. I am so glad that Ted got Dumarest home to Earth; just imagine if he had never got there!

Harbottle, dumarext can I say? I had never read a Northwest Smith story previously! Maybe you could give the details of where these books can be found, so others can appreciate them? We should all visit a little more regularly and share our thoughts and findings with each other…. I agree with your heartfelt sentiments, Fiona. The Cyclan still threaten the Universe. I hope Phil Harbottle can find a writer who feels an affinity with Dumarest and his quest to continue the series.

Planet Stories has reprinted C. I tried to post earlier but it appears as if it did not make it to you. I came across a thriving bunch of fans here in Japan.

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It appear that the Dumarest series was published in Japan in transation. I think they may have had an entirely different set of covers The cumarest of Gath has a twilit desert and with a triceratops skeleton half buried in the sand. I would be interested to know if that is the case. They apparently do not have Child of Earth yet. There is a Dumarest Saga Fan Club.

I have not made contact with them yet but they seem very dedicated. On a new Novel to be oc by a major SF author. I would happily read it but I cannot imagine it would be quite the same.

Clark who I think must have been Mr. Against the Dumafest of Night was sort of the classic dmarest fiction novel of the prewar SF writers generation albeit with the typical Arthur C. It had that spirit of wonder and searching and infinite possibility that was characteristic of that generation of writers — the same sense that Tubb always managed to covey in the Dumarest novels in spite of depraved state to which humanity had often allowed itself to dukarest.

Eco-science fiction has a respectable history with Frank Herbert and Larry Niven dabbling extensively and masterfully in it.

And Benford does well. But it is not really a sequel.

I am just worried that the only one who could really ever write Dumarest was Mr. He appears to me to have put much of his philosophy and world view dumaresg the books which account for much of the terrra of the stories. It is terribly hard I think for any writer to put him or herself in the mindset of another, particularly one who lived through such a unique time period as Mr.

It is not for me to say.

I will wish them dhmarest and read whatever I can get my hands on but it will never tera quite the same. Does anyone know how many languages the Dumarest Saga was eventually translated into? We have only to look at the many writers who tried to capture the spirit dumardst the James Bond books after Ian Fleming died to see how difficult that effort is. The same holds true for the countless writers who wrote Sherlock Holmes pastiches.

But, who knows, maybe Phil can hold lightning in a bottle again. I have to admit that while I hoped for a 34th book I really have no twrra how the series would have gone forward, and only Mr Tubb would have had a proper idea. Now that the Cyclan know where Dumarest is it might actually be too dangerous to stay on Earth! However directly fighting the Cyclan has never been part of the format, while Dumarest has fought Cybers he does so only when cornered and tends to run from them.

The organisation is simply too large for any one man, or band of men, to fight. Now that Earth has been reached I think it would be very difficult for another writer to continue the series with the added complication of changing the whole direction of the concept. But, Tubb left enough clues to point the way to possible plots. Finding the right writer to write more novels is the biggest hurdle.


Tubb would have wanted it. I have a series of links for reviews of each of the 33 books in the Dumarest series. The reviews dukarest words long, briefly describe the broad plot outlines, planets visited, ships ridden, damsels rescued, moral issue grappled with and clues to earth found or just missed plus the odd comment or analysis when there is still dumadest for it.


These reviews are mainly intended for someone looking for a particular story, character or plot situatiion in the 33 books of the series.

The links can be found at. I am very sorry to hear about your surgery. I hope you mend quickly and derive every possible benefit from it. Fires of Satan is still under consideration. This is wonderful news, Philip! Tubb ebooks will be at the top of my want list!

Keep us in the loop! They are to appear over the next 18 months. I just posted a response to a post by Randy Johnson on his post regarding Mayenne without realizing he had posted here. My apologies to Randy for relating to him anything he already knew. Also I was wondering if I could ask Mr.

I have that idea in mind somehow but do not actually know where I may ahve heard it or if it is accurate or not. COM from time to time, Tanya. A number of E. Tubb titles are going to be available if ebooks later this year. Did you have one ore more in meantime? Please contact me if there is a copy for sale no E-book.

It will appear as dumarrest of a FOUR book paperback pmnibus other three reprint titles yet to be chosen. That includes ALL the Dumarest novels. I just sold French Rights to Child of Earth, and the Italians are continuing their four novelsd hardcover Dumarest omnibus books—fourth one out recently. Further Borgo Tubb collections will follow, as I can find time.

This is great news, Phil! The man was a consummate pro. Phil — What Tubb needs is a website and forum of his own. If you had your own site for him, you could post regular updates and information would be far easier to find. I suspect that as most or all of E. Tubb web site, David. In the event it will contain just three novels: Ted is not my only client—I have to look terrs many other veteran names, which keeps me mighty busy. How can I contact you? I have registered a web address — http:

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