El mono desnudo has ratings and reviews. Mohammed-Makram said: الكتاب يبدو في مظهره علميا و لكنه أقرب للأعمال الأدبية و الدردشة بدون سند علمي. El Mono Desnudo has ratings and reviews. Maria said: این کتاب در سال با عنوان میمون برهنه توسط دکتر مهدی تجلی پور به فارسی برگردانده و پس. El Mono Desnudo by Desmond Morris, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Want to Read saving…. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. El Mono Desnudo by Desmond Morris. Purton Whiltshire, UKZoologo y etologo, sus estudios se focalizan en la conducta humana comparada con el comportamiento animal.

Su examen de los humanos desde un punto de vista plenamente zoologico posee una llamativa faceta polemica. Esta casado con la hist Purton Whiltshire, UKZoologo y etologo, sus estudios se focalizan en la conducta humana comparada con el comportamiento animal.

Esta casado con la historiadora Ramona Baulch, coautora de varios de sus libros y madre de su hijo.

El Mono Desnudo – Un Estudio Del Animal Humano

En sus recorridos por las distintas culturas mundiales Morris abrazo el feminismo. El zoologo entresaca a las culturas mediterraneas que encierran a sus desmohd en los confines del hogar familiar o las musulmanas que cubren sus cuerpos de la cabeza a los pies. Morris aun mantiene su optimismo en la especie humana, pese a que aventura nuestra autodestruccion y una ruptura brusca de la cadena evolutiva.

La mujer desnuda es su ultima gran obra. Paperbackpages. Published September 19th by Createspace first published To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

El Mono Desnudo – Un Estudio Del Animal Humano by Morris, Desmond

To ask other readers questions about El Mono Desnudoplease sign up. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. View all 4 comments. Reading this book again after 37 years, I was pleasantly surprised at the relevant impact this book still has. Perhaps reading it after nearly four decades of experience as a member of its target species, more points in it seemed to ring true.

There are probably some aspects of this book which have been called into question by subsequent research findings, but in general the materials on the human evolutionary biology and psychology I’ve read in the meantime seem to support Morris’s positions. Wh Reading this book again after 37 years, I was pleasantly surprised at the relevant impact this book desnduo has.

When first published, this book was considered revolutionary because it attempted to describe the species homo sapiens from desnudk objective zoologist’s perspective. The chapters on sex and rearing were shocking to some in the way they dispassionately described these aspects of human behavior.

There are other sections of the book, however, that begin to spread into the fields of sociology and psychology and morriz involve human interpretation. The discussion of these topics – the evolution of religion in particular – is where this book has become somewhat obsolete, as the recent interest sesmond human evolution has increasingly focused on the development of vastly increased intelligence and the capacity for abstract thinking.

This capacity – which allows empathy and the assessment of future outcomes, and yet is limited in the acceptance of eventual non-existence i. It is still well worth reading and shook up my assumptions about human existence once again.

The Naked Ape is my favourite book, ever. If The Naked Ape was a person I would marry it in a heartbeat under whatever terms it wished, and I would be more than happy to give my body over to producing as many of its children as I could because a book like this deserves to bear children more than most of us do. Desmond Morris is an Anthropologist, and the person that made me decide that I, too, would like very much to be an Anthropologist, and The Naked Ape is a study of the Human Being as an ani The Naked Ape is my favourite book, ever.


Desmond Morris is an Anthropologist, and the person that made me decide that I, too, would like very much to be an Anthropologist, and The Naked Ape is a study of the Human Being as an animal. Morris writes on this topic with the same enthusiasm desnufo anyone who has found a topic that fascinates them would, you can tell that he is intrigued and excited by Humans and all of their bizarre inner workings. Although he is a scientist and this is most easily defined as a scientific study, he writes in common language that is easy to understand, but the best part is that he has a sense of humour about it all.

He is amused by people and their demsond. Through the early stages of mental development, to gaining the ability to coordinate your limbs, power-struggles in the playground and the absolute horror e abysmal joy of adolescence to the violence and illusions of solidarity that is adulthood Desmond we’re on a first name basis because we’ve been intimate Un saggio strepitoso, geniale e anche divertente a suo modo. Must read, para todo el que aspire a ser humano.

View all 3 comments. Studying the nature of the human race as an anthropologist would study a group of apes is as informative as it is hysterical. And the added bonus of being written with overtones of an impending Cold War made the book even more enjoyable. It embodies precisely the type of popular-science literature I love to read: His observations run that gamut of what he terms “typical” human behavior and physiology.

That is, at the time of this book’s writing as now anthropologists and sociologists common “The Naked Ape” is remarkable.

That is, at the time of this book’s writing as now anthropologists and sociologists commonly made the atypical specimens and their behaviors the focus of their studies. Were other scientists engaged in the study of lifeforms to do similarly they would never get anywhere. Perhaps out of vanity, perhaps out of a lack of self-awareness, science has historically avoided turning its objective eye toward the scientist obvious and irrelevant exceptions of medical science excluded.

Luckily for us, Desmond Morris undertook this endeavor and his findings are not only fascinating but wildly entertaining. A great deal of the pleasure derived from this book is in the way that Morris so ruthlessly picks apart his subject. The book’s title itself is a playful and astutely humbling jab at the subject which drives straight to the heart of his message: Apes, to be precise, and our principal distinguishing feature, from a zoological standpoint, from our ape cousins is no more than our lack of a shaggy coat.

We may drive around in fancy cars, work in skyscrapers, level mountains, dam rivers, etc. At the end of the day, we’re still a bunch of naked apes. Which isn’t to say that we aren’t members of an incredibly resourceful and clever species, fascinating from all angles and fascinated by all things. Because we are unique, we are remarkable.

Still, it is no more than gross vanity that makes us suppose that our manipulation of the external environment or the complexity and desmonr of our cultural expression has enabled us to overcome the fact that we are “still very much a biological phenomenon For instance, the size and shape of human breasts suggest that they have developed, through many centuries of sexual selection, as sexual signaling devices rather than merely as organs used to feed infants.

That densudo, human breasts are actually not very good feeding devices when compared to those of other apes. The nipple typically isn’t shaped to fit easily into the infant mouth and the excess tissue around it can even obstruct the baby’s breathing.

El mono desnudo by Desmond Morris (2 star ratings)

And yet breasts are universally used to spectacular success in piquing the interest of potential mates and, it could go without saying, play an enormous secondary role in human intercourse, behavior which is seen nowhere else in the animal kingdom.

The evolutionary reasons for this development, ell it or not, are desnudoo and intimately woven into our ancestors struggle for survival as the first desjudo apes on the ancient plains of Africa. Having been first published in the 60’s, “Naked Ape” is somewhat outdated.


Morris’ characterization of indigenous societies as atypical cultural failures makes sense from the coldly zoological perspective from which he was attempting to write, but fails to take into consideration historical truths which invite explanations beyond a socities’ supposed lack of functionality.

Modern readers will be equally squeamish by the occasional reference made to the “negroid race” and the interpretation of homosexuality as little more than deviant behavior caused by abnormal childhood experiences. Present day sensitivities aside, Morris is nevertheless quite forward-thinking and the intellectual merits of the book by far exceed whatever flags might be raised by your inner-p.

As entertaining a book as it is, Morris’ tone and message is ultimately one of apocalyptic foreboding. We naked apes have been so spectacularly successful as a species that we have come to think of ourselves as invincible and we are not. Our success will, sooner rather than later, catch up with us because the global economy of environmental resources is, after all, finite.

The modern reader will recognize all too well that the book’s imperative rings even truer today, despite Morris’ having to sound like a fanatic at the time of its initial publishing. Ironically, Morris suggests, the naked ape’s first step toward salvation will be the recognition of his true nature.

To go forward we have to take an honest look at where we came from. Esto me hace surgir una duda: Pero este libro me hizo ver que existen marcadas diferencias entre nuestros ‘primos’ y nosotros. Los ‘Homo’ seguimos una senda evolutiva distinta la del resto de los primates vivos.

Sep 07, N. A fascinating read by a great thinker. Virtually no aspect of human nature and physiognomy escapes his keen zoologist eyes; even responses such as smiling, laughing and crying.

As a scientific treatise it fails. It’s A fascinating read by a great thinker. It’s greatest value is in instigating thought on the subject. It is the step-back-and look-at-ourselves approach which is of real value here, not his sometimes hilarious conclusions. His explanation of the protuberance and shape of female breasts developing as a frontal sexual display resulting from our upright posture, rather than for increased efficiency of nursing, is presented as a credible argument.

Mmm, maybe that explains the human male’s fascination with them. Most of his observations are comparative, highlighting similarities and differences between other mammals, notably the chimpanzee. In all cases, Morris makes us think about many aspects of ourselves that we normally take for granted. One criticism I have is his over-emphasis on genetic origins – for example, he claims the pair-bond formation between sexes i.

Also his treatment of warfare is incomplete and not entirely satisfactory for me. I know others will attack the author as chauvinistic not only in regards the sexes, but cultures as wellbut still, hey, the book can just be considered food for thought.

All in all, a stimulating read, one so rich that I have marked it for a second time around in the future. It helped me to come up with my own thoughts on the subject Really a very interesting book.

It’s written as if the author were writing it about any other animal, and hearing myself talked about as if I am a naked mole rat or a chimpanzee is very refreshing this doesn’t give you permission to refer to me as such in polite society, btw.

We are animals as much as any other, and we should consider all the things that make us what we are, including our animal instincts and our biological history.

There are some ideas I think are odd, for example when he says Really a very interesting book.

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