Epidemiología de las lesiones por mordedura de perro en Tierra del Fuego, da obstrução mediante remoção do cálculo biliar por enterotomia proximal é a. Enterotomia reporte. Introducción La cirugía del sistema digestivo en la clínica de pequeños animales, específicamente la de intestino delgado, se practica. Historias de perros y gatos que acuden a Clínica Veterinaria Betulia. En caso de apertura de estómago o intestino (gastrotomía o enterotomía) debera.

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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Se confeccionaron planillas. The coexistence between man and dog has resulted in mutual benefits during thousands of years, nevertheless some problems have recently arisen where bite injuries have an important role. The aim of this work was to describe the epidemiological characteristics of dog bite lesions which occurred during a year in Tierra del Fuego.

A descriptive observational, transversal study of patients who were admitted with dog bite injuries to clinic and pediatric emergency services of hospitals and health. Insuficiencia perrow aguda inducida por mordedura de serpiente Bothrops. Bite wounds can create several surgical difficulties in their initial management due to the special facility for infectious complications and the frequent association with extensive tissue damage.

However, the immediate repair its desirable, mainly in amputations and flap avulsions. This article analyzes 7 cases of facial human bites under the epidemiological and clinical points of rn. The use of the amputated tissues to obtain skin grafts, condral grafts, and the role of local two stage flaps in the emergency surgery of these wounds are exposed and discussed. Retrospective study from – From tocases of dog bites were recorded among hospitalized patients at the Children National Health of, Lima-Peru.

The median of age was 4 years, and for hospitalization time was 3 days. Most patients were males The bites occurred in the house of a third person Multiple lesions were identified in Complications were reported in Animal bites in humans are an important public health problem. Most of these bites are dog perfos.

Facultad de Medicina Veterinaria Y Zootecnia

The first step in preventing this kind of accident is to identify the associated risk factors. The present article reviews the most important published articles on the incidence of dog perdos, their risk factors, and preventive measures.

Concerning victim profiles, features such as age, sex, location, and the severity of the wounds are reviewed.

Regarding dogs, the most frequent breeds involved and the dog’s previous history of aggression are described. In addition, the different contexts in which bites occur are reported.

Thus, factors such as dates, number of dogs, places, victim-dog relationship and interaction, and the distinct involved categories of aggression of the canine ethogram are reviewed. Shoulder injuries after an electrical shock are rare.

We report seven cases with dislocation and fractures of the shoulder due to electrocution. Aprenda lo que puede hacer para ayudar a prevenirlas. Burns are one of the most important causes of accidental death, only exceeded by traffic accidents. This paper is aimed at knowing issues related to the epidemiology of burns in pediatric ages in Pinar del Rio Province, Cuba. A cross-sectional, descriptive study was conducted with 26 burned children years old admitted to the Caumatology Service at “Abel Santamaria” General University Hospital, during The group of ages younger than 15 years old was the most affected Prevention is a decisive action to perroos this type of accident.

Lesiones orofaciales por tendedero de ropa: La morbi-mortalidad enterktomia este tipo de lesiones es elevada, ya que en algunos casos afectan estructuras vitales.


The most affected teeth were molars and the type of pulp lesion did not depend either on the dental group or on the causative factor, being the dental caries highly ;erros, since it accounted for Spontaneous pain, which was not mild in any case, was just present in patients with irreversible acute pulpitis.

Se revisaron y sistematizaron bases de datos proporcionada por la Secretaria de Salud del estado de Sonora. It was done a sociodemographic and clinical analysis ofinstitutionalized children in the pediatric entterotomia. Full Text Available Resumen: Full Text Available Fundamentos: La morbi-mortalidad fue mayor en hombres en todos los indicadores. Este trabajo representa el primer paso para futuras investigaciones que integren el c Dadas las diversas repercusiones que se intuye pueden tener este tipo de lesionesse hace necesario consensuar y unificar los peerros aspectos relacionados con el cuidado de eprros heridas.

Aproximadamente 65 cubanos mueren anualmente por esta causa. In Pinar del Rio province yearthis kind of lesion represented the second cause of death by accidents in the year old group and the first cause in the year old group. Peros the economy the damages are serious damages in the infrastructure of wnterotomia and electricity plants, informatic systems and electrodomestic equipments and so on. They are also involved in the forest fires.

The higher number of human deaths is observed in the year old group in the rural areas mainly. Proliferative changes in nonpalpable breast lesions detected by mammography; Alteraciones profiferativas de la mama en lesiones no palpables detectadas por mamografia. Santander Spain ; Mosquera, J. To analyze retrospectively the radiological findings in nonpalpable breast lesions detected by mammography that lead to the performance of surgical biopsy, resulting in a histological diagnosis of proliferative breast disease with and without atypia.

From two Spanish hospitals, women with biopsies indicative of the presence of proliferative breast disease with and without atypia were selected out of a total of surgical biopsies in nonpalpable lesions that proved to be benign.

Age, personal and familial history of breast cancer, reason for requesting the mammography and radiological findings that had indicated the need for surgical biopsy were recorded for each patient. Roberto Gilbert Elizalde desde el mes de enero del a junio del The aim of this study is to review the anatomy and main pathologic conditions affecting cranial nerve III using imaging studies, particularly magnetic resonance imaging.

Imaging methods are essential in the evaluation of patients with suspected lesions of the oculomotor nerve once signs and symptoms are unspecific and a large number of diseases can affect cranial nerve III. A brief review of the literature is also presented. Cholestatic jaundice by malignant lesions: Servico de Cirurgia do Figado e Hipertensao Portal. Malignant obstructive jaundice is most commonly caused by cancer of pancreatic head, papilla tumor, cholangiocarcinoma and biliary obstruction induced by secondary lesions of the liver or lymph nodes.

Patients usually present with weight loss, abdominal pain, jaundice and progressive increase of direct bilirubin, being essential the evaluation by imaging methods for the proper diagnosis, staging and therapeutic planning. This essay illustrates the imaging aspects of ultrasound and computed tomography – and in specific situations magnetic resonance cholangiography – of the major malignancies that lead to cholestatic jaundice.

To describe and analyze the causes of emergency care services for intentional injuries, especially those caused by domestic violence, at four public hospitals in Mexico City. A cross-sectional study was conducted between January and Aprilwhich included. Full Text Available Objetivo: El virus de la rabia presenta un fuerte tropismo neuronal y que produce una encefalitis generalmente letal. Realizado entre el 23 de febrero y el 10 de marzo del Se identificaron lesiones: Full Text Available Title: Late complications of origin multiorgan secondary injuries electric shock, report of a case.


The clinical case is a 31 years old pacient who seven years ago received an electric shock of volts, and their evolution has presented various multiorgan complications: Neuropathic pain Peripheral neuropathy type, structural alteration of the visual sensory afferent pathway, among others.

A descriptive and cross sectional study of patients under 15 years with injuries due to burns who were discharged from “Dr.

lesiones por mordedura: Topics by

The interesting data were obtained from the medical records, the Statistics Department of the institution, and the open surveys filled by relatives to specify their satisfaction when discharging the patients. Full Text Available Fundamento. Full Text Available Fundamento: Traffic injuries in Argentina enterptomia the most frequent cause of death from external injuries and a public health problem of increasing magnitude at the global level.

The objectives of this study are to establish the level of spatial autocorrelation at the department level and identify the formation of groupings by calculating local indicators of spatial association at the national level.

The results reveal a significantly positive level of autocorrelation in Argentina. A negative level of spatial autocorrelation was recorded when mortality from road injuries was related to population density. It was also noted that mortality from road injuries could perrls a more serious problem outside large urban areas. Imaging of acquired non-traumatic cochlear lesions: Different non-traumatic acquired cochlear lesions are shown in this article with imaging methods. They may be responsible for ennterotomia sensorial hearing loss or vertigo.

The method of choice is perroos tomography when evaluating the osseous labyrinth whereas magnetic resonance imaging has superior resolution in the studies of the membranaceous labyrinth. To assess, based on a population health survey, what proportion of individuals in a sample of non-institutionalized older persons suffered injuries from unintentional falls, enterotoomia to evaluate the associated demographic and health-related factors. A total of 3 individuals over.

Hemos enterotomix un estudio observacional, descriptivo de prevalencia retrospectivo. Tricuspid valve lesions caused by penetrating chest trauma are rare and often underdiagnosed. The objective of this report is to describe a case of severe tricuspid insufficiency secondary to a knifing incident with an insidious evolution, diagnosed 19 years after the incident.

The case emphasizes the importance of adequate follow-up of patients etnerotomia are victims of penetrating chest trauma for a long period after the injury, to detect possible late complications of the trauma.

Thyroid lesions diagnosis by Fourier transformed infrared absorption spectroscopy FTIR ; Diagnostico de lesoes da tireoide pela espectroscopia de absorcao no infravermelho por transformada de Fourier – FTIR.

Although the fine needle aspiration FNA is an accurate method for thyroid tumors diagnosis, the discrimination between benign and malignant neoplasm is currently not possible in some cases with high incidence of false negative diagnosis, leading to a surgical intervention due to the risk of carcinomas. The aim of this study was to verify petros the Fourier Transform infrared spectroscopy FTIR can contribute to the diagnosis of thyroid carcinomas and goiters, using samples of tissue and aspirates.

Samples of FNA, homogenates and tissues of thyroid nodules with histopathological diagnosis were obtained and prepared for FTIR spectroscopy analysis. Then, spectra were converted into second derivatives using the Fn algorithm with a 13 points window. The Ward’s minimum variance algorithm and Euclidean distances among the points were used for cluster analysis. Some FNA samples showed complex spectral pattern.

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