EXFO OTDR 2 • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Get EXFO OTDR 2 Owner’s manual. Get all EXFO manuals!. EXFO’s OTDR modules meet all your testing needs with numerous singlemode . Manually set all acquisition parameters, including the index of refraction (IOR).

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Select the event you want to modify. The optical time domain reflectometer OTDR provides an inside view of the fiber, and can calculate fiber length, attenuation, breaks, total return loss as well as splice, connector and total losses. From the wavelength list, tap the wavelength value not the checkbox corresponding to the wavelength that you want to monitor.

Characterize fiber with maximum accuracy over distances of more than km.


Customizing Your OTDR Selecting the Default View Selecting the Default View You can select which view will be displayed by default once all the acquisitions are performed at all the selected wavelengths and the analysis of the last wavelength is complete. The available choices are: From the Main Menu, select the Reference button. Never look directly into mannual live fiber and ensure that your eyes are protected at all times. From the Events tab, tap.

EXFO OTDR 2 User Manual | pages

If you select more than one marker, they will move as a block. OR If you want to revert all settings to their default values, tap the Revert to Factory Otdg button.


The Save As button allows you to save your files to a folder different than the default storage folder. The table below indicates the views that can be displayed.

Keep the unit out of direct sunlight. Then, it reaches the second connector and is reflected again toward the end connector. Laser radiation is emitted at otdf output port.

From the Main Menu, tap Test Configuration. Analyzing Traces and Events Managing Comments 4.

It manuual possible to view these thresholds values even if you open the file on another unit. Page Analyzing Traces and Events Graph Graph Manial events, that are detailed in the events table see Events Tab on page 99are marked by numbers along the displayed trace. From the button bar, tap User Preferences. You can retrieve the position of an event as well as the distance between events manually. Page Analyzing Traces and Events Events Tab Events Tab You can view information about all detected events on a trace and fiber sections by scrolling through the events table.

EXFO OTDR 2 : Owner’s manual

Page Index setting default storage folder The four-point event loss calculation uses the least-square approximation LSA method to determine the event loss. Analyzing Traces and Events Enabling or Disabling the Detection of Reflective Ends of Fiber Enabling or Disabling the Detection of Reflective Ends of Fiber By default, the application stops the analysis as soon as there is too much noise on a trace to ensure accurate measurements. Analyzing the Results Manually Getting Event Distances and Relative Powers To get the distance to an event and the associated relative power level manually: When the selected event is a fiber section, this fiber section is delimited by two markers A and B.


Carefully align the connector and port to prevent the fiber end from touching the outside of the port or rubbing against other surfaces. To set a measurement as a reference: During real-time mode acquisition, you can switch from one wavelength to another.

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Under Fiber Characteristics, from the Wavelength list, select the desired wavelength. From the Main Menu, select Test Configuration. Analyzing Traces and Events Inserting Events 3.

Position marker B at the beginning of the linear area efxo the event to be measured. If you want to use the optimized range feature, proceed as follows: You can display or hide fiber sections in the events table, depending on the types of values you want to display.

Select two, three, or four ” ” if you want all values to be expressed with the same number of digits.

Tap OK to confirm. The application will use a file name based on the autonaming parameters you defined see Naming Trace Files Automatically on page Trace display Event table You can save the measurement after analysis. Introducing the OTDR Conventions Conventions Before using the product described in this guide, you should understand the following conventions: From the main window, go to the OTDR tab, then tap the button.

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