Fluke does not warrant calibrations on the Field Metrology Well. .. The Fluke S Mid-Range Field Calibrator may be used as a portable instrument or. Fluke S-D Dry Block Calibrator with Block D. Get Free Shipping when you buy now from Fluke Calibration S-A Handheld Dry-Well Temperature Calibrator with Block “A”, 35 °C to °C (95 °F to °F) – at the Test Equipment Depot.

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Fluke Calibration’s line of portable dry-wells is incredible.

Fluke S-X Handheld Dry-Well Tester – Choice of Block

And now they’re better than ever! Anyone can learn to use one in less than 15 minutes. Plug it in, switch it on Note, these wells are fixed and not interchangeable, set the temperature with the front-panel buttons, and insert your probe into the properly sized well.


Compare the reading of your device to the display temperature or to an external reference, and the difference is the error in your device. With a proprietary Fluke 9100ss temperature controller, the S has a display resolution of 0.

The Model S is excellent for dial gauges, digital thermometers, bulb switches, and other sensors that need calibration below ambient. The S has two wells so you can use one for a reference thermometer to increase accuracy.

Fluke Calibration s Handheld Dry-well Temperature Calibrator With Block a | eBay

An interface cable kit that includes a null modem to connect the Fluke with Fluke Calibration dry-wells and Micro-Baths to automate and document the calibration of temperature fluuke and transmitters in the field or at the bench. Please contact your local Fluke Calibration sales representative for details or to request a quote.

Fluke Calibration Silver CarePlans are available for most calibration products. Register Log in Contact Us.

We’d like your feedback. Available in sizes from 1.


Industrial Temperature Calibrators Workload Matrix Power and utilities industry calibration solutions 5. Temperature Dluke Applications and Solutions Best Practices for Temperature Calibration 2.

Dry-block product comparison table Improving loop calibration temperature accuracy Verbesserung der Temperaturgenauigkeit bei der Kalibrierung von Messketten German Selecting an Industrial Temperature Calibrator 1. Why calibrate temperature devices? Introduction to Dry Block Calibrators.

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