Beam UV/VIS spectrometers from GBC. Cintra for powerful performance at entry level price. It is a true double beam spectrometer with low stray light. Consult GBC Scientific Equipment’s entire Cintra , , , catalogue on MedicalExpo. Page: 1/ UV-Visible Spectrometers In , GBC enhanced its product range to include its newly developed Cintra , for powerful performance at entry level price.

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The New Improved Cintra Series Cintra’s outstanding optical specifications GBC’s growth has been fuelled by its extensive expertise, innovative thinking clntra an obsession for quality and reliability.

GBC now produces the widest range of quality analytical instrumentation.

Cintra 2020

GBC has been the proud recipient of many international design and export awards, acknowledging the superior standard and world acceptance fbc both the organisation and the products. The company’s head office is based in Melbourne and proudly Australian. The GBC network spans all sectors of the globe. Now more than 35 years after High performance features of the Cintra Series include: Optical Systems You Can Rely On High performance optical The optical design is the heart of any long history of quality optical systems.

The Cintra series 11010 unmatched optical performance.

Cintra 3030

High-efficiency all-reflective optics with a minimal optical component count ensures gbf light throughput, utilising a monochromator designed for maximum Unparalleled optical The Cintra family of instruments all have true double beam optics with a single detector providing excellent long-term stability.


This ensures confidence in the reliability of your results, and also saves time as there is no need Stability, Accuracy and Reproducibility Outstanding Stability Forty overlaid measurements of the deuterium light source demonstrate the outstanding wavelength accuracy and reproducibility of the Cintra.

The screen shows overlaid scans of potassium dichromate solution, scanned at 5. Unrivalled Linearity Expand The Photometric Range Precise, accurate results even at high Low stray light levels are achieved using a holographic grating so that photometric accuracy can 1001 maintained over a wide absorbance range. Measure samples with confidence up to 4 Abs with the Cintra and Cintra Expand the photometric range with The Cintra is a true double beam, double monochromator spectrometer.

Unlike some instruments which use a premonochromatorand a main monochromator, the Cintra uses two Littrow monochromators in a Czerny-Turner arrangement.

GBC Scientific Cintra Series | Forums | Questions | Discussions | Help | LabWrench

Overlaid scans of the SAME benzene vapour sample shown at 0. Note that as the slit width decreases the 5 broad peaks are resolved to many narrower peaks providing more information about the sample. Also the peak maxima increases by an order of magnitude showing increased sensitivity with decreased bandpass.

Versatile sample compartment with integrated accessory communications The Cintra series boasts a large sample Simplify Your Tasks Real Applications The outstanding optical specifications of the Cintra series allows applications which would not be normally available on such low tbc instruments.

Here are only a few examples: The extended wavelength range of the Cintra allows more light in the important to 1, nm range. The red scan is the raw light from a Cintra and the blue scan is the raw light from a PMT detector. By using a method at nm, the Cintra can measure phosphorus to 0.


To complement the hardware a wide range of software applications are available to make common sample analysis tasks easier than ever.

PT Graha Kartawidjaja | Product

Software applications available include: General Application – a general purpose application used for wavelength scanning, time scanning and fixed point measurements. Automation of these measurements and scan calculations and transformations cinhra also This wizard style application guides the user through each step of the test.

The Online Medical Device Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 2.

Open the catalog to page 3. Open the catalog to page 4.

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