19, posts. 12, battles. [HINON] One of the most fun battleships in the game, and perfectly capable. I used a . I practically skipped over all of the lower tier German BBs and used Scharnhorst to grind up to Gneisenau. 19, posts . German DDs do not eat more AP pens than other destroyers in the game. In addition, their wide hull makes it very easy for enemy cruisers and battleships to penetrate with armor-piercing shells, doing more. km) and sunk or captured 16 merchant ships totaling 99, tons, Admiral Scheer far exceeded the accomplishments of her sister. .. 19, posts .. Maybe if Wargaming does a second German Cruiser Line or even a.

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AxumT25T26Z27 29 Dec: The angle and shape indicates the shell that created the hole was fired from Bismarck ‘ s port side and struck the starboard anchor chain. Two days later, Scharnhorst went to Kiel for permanent repairs.

By 3 February, the two battleships had evaded the last British cruiser patrol, and had broken into the open Atlantic. Repairs were effected in a floating drydock in Kiel from 6 to 21 May. The ships were unique for the time in that they were armed with six large-caliber guns instead of four, as was standard on contemporary ships in other navies. The wreck was eventually broken up in — You need to play a total of 10 battles to post in this section.

Since you can have both in port, I would jump Thea between the two until she got to 19pts she is at 17pts now. Bismarckdirected by James Cameron and filmed in May—June using smaller and more agile Mir submersiblesreconstructed the events leading to the sinking. The wreck was positively identified by an ROV on 10 September, which located armament consistent with that of Scharnhorst.

Work on Tirpitz was completed later than anticipated, and she was not commissioned until 25 February; the ship was not ready for combat until late in the year. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Haven’t been on the forum muchgot the G a day or so after posting this threadplayed a few co-ops and went to randomdoes much better than I anticipatedhaven’t been playing much the last month or sobut I really like hershe does better close inkinda like Bamawhich I lovenow if Bama had torps in the game Observers on Prince of Wales correctly identified the ships but failed to inform Admiral Holland.


Before being sunk, Glowworm rammed Admiral Hipperthough the latter was not seriously damaged. I was hurting after that and to do a running fire fight with a Buddy, but still I survived thanks to a teammate.

Still a massive step up over Gneisenau but it’s more of the same with the awful guns. He gave the order for the guns to fire independently, but by This subterfuge of the class placed him in the eyes of the world as complying with the treaty rules for, at least on paper, he was a small warship. Tirpitz’s “risk theory” planned a fleet that would be sufficiently powerful so that Great Britain, then the world’s preeminent naval power, would avoid risking war with Germany in order to preserve its superiority.

Only 32 sailors were killed with most of the crew on shore leave. Admiral Marschall detached Admiral Hipper and the four destroyers to refuel in Trondheim, while he would steam to the Harstad area. Following the completion of repairs, Scharnhorst went into the Baltic Sea for gunnery training. Erich Bey, by now promoted to Konteradmiralwas given command of the task force. After joining the fleet, the Wittelsbach class ships were assigned to the I Battle Squadron, where they replaced the older Brandenburg -class ships.

See this thread by the late dseehafer. The five ships saw no front-line service during World War I; they were all disarmed and relegated to secondary duties. Ship displacement at full combat load.

On 22 February, the pair spotted an empty convoy sailing west, which dispersed at the appearance of the battleships. This allowed Gneisenau to overtake her sister during the action.

List of battleships of Germany

On the night of April 9th,a strong RAF bombing raid on the dockyard critically struck the Scheer and he capsized while still tied up at the dock.

The fourth hit the ship in the bow. In her final battle the following morning, the already-crippled Bismarck was severely damaged during a sustained engagement with two British battleships and two heavy cruisers, was scuttled by her crew, and sank with heavy loss of life. So unless something changes dramatically with the upcoming Tier 6 Premium Ship T, I see this being an absolute super ship more than capable of handling a Tier 8 uptier.


On 15 Septemberthree weeks after battleship, Bismarck left Hamburg to begin sea trials in Kiel Bay. Sunk on 12 Novemberscrapped — [83].

German battleship Bismarck – Wikipedia

And yes German DDs are great torpedo boats not the best though and they have good concealment. The ship was now fighting with only two-thirds of her main battery.

The Germans intercepted British radio traffic that indicated the Royal Navy was at sea, which prompted Scharnhorst to make for Stavanger.

They were detected in the Skagerrak and the heavy units of the British Home Fleet deployed to cover the passage between Iceland and the Faroes. On 6 March, Bismarck received the greman to steam to Kiel.

A salvage tug came alongside to assist in the pumping effort. I think one would be foolish to not run it on the Z or Z though. It’s like the Bayern, but less horrible. Posted May 13 edited. Gneisenau is batfleships blast, coming to it from Scharnhorst was fairly easy as well. Norway offered to return the turret from Trondheim inthough the offer was rejected.

So, at the end of the day, I’m not saying it’s completely useless, but being best torpedo boats in the game – and German Batleships are best torp boats in the game, especially high tier ones – you shouldn’t rely on extra HP to save you. Scrapped in — [44]. But then she really needs it, because she can’t compare to Farragut in dpm, only if you get a broadside target that you can shoot Vattleships at.

Bismarck also used her main and secondary batteries to fire at maximum depression to create giant splashes in the paths of the incoming torpedo bombers. Posted October 30, edited.

While the ship was immobilized, Admiral Ciliax transferred to Z

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