You can use GREP styles to apply a character style to text that Using GREP style to format phone numbers with a. I’m wondering if there are any ‘problems’ with CS5 that I should be wary of. I have indesign CS3 and was asking about buying the upgrade to CS5. without really looking at new features like GREP styles and Line styles. Peter Kahrel’s GREP in InDesign, 3rd edition, a page PDF ebook based regular expression tester; The Lightning Brain (rorohiko) GrepGrokker (with tips!).

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All paragraph text that matches the GREP expression is formatted with the character style. There are three main ways to use Drop Caps and Nested Styles feature: Click New Nested Line Style one or more times. Each write-up starts with … read more.

Specify how many instances of the selected item such as characters, words, or sentences are required. A simple example would be to alternate red and green words in a paragraph.

Drop caps and nested styles

See Metacharacters for searching. GREP is an advanced, pattern-based search technique. The Show Me button creates a new document in your InDesign and writes out a full explanation of each of the codes in the expression, with all of its special characters explained, and all groupings enumerated and indented.

But using GREP is hard In this particular case, it was 10, companies, so doing it manually was not an option. Extends the nested style up to or through the tab character not the tab setting. If both set conflicting settings of the same attribute, such as red and blue, the nested style takes precedence over the nested line style.


Another factoid is that the “Case Insensitive” switch in GREP translates your string into lowercaserather than uppercase. There are a few question marks, because I’m not really sure how these functions should to work For paragraphs with repetitive and predictable formatting, you can even loop back to the first style in the sequence.

Marek Wlodarz show more. You cannot type a word.

At the top of the new document, the original GREP expression is shown. Glad you found it helpful. My first course for Lynda. You might find a reseller someplace who still has CS5 upgrade disks, but it’s not very likely.

There are also a few rarely used command sequences that are baffling me, and that may cause the script to either accept a faulty expression hopefully, very rareor signal an error where there is none not quite as rare as I’d hope What’s this all about?

Drop cap formatted automatically by nested character style.

GREP w InDesign CS3-CS5

After the installation, you can run the content. Click the character style area, and then select a character style to determine the appearance of that section.

Just for the record, you are upgrading to CS5. For example, suppose you want to apply a character style to all the phone numbers in text. Do one of the following: As far as what would make it a good idea? Watch the episode here I bought all my software as stand alone versions years ago and upgraded as needed I’m wondering if there are any ‘problems’ with CS5 that I should be wary of You may also notice new feature added to the podcast starting with this episode: Then you can either apply the character style directly to a paragraph, or you can nest the character style in a paragraph style.


If the drop cap character overlaps the text below it, select Scale For Descenders.

Indesign GREP Help

In some cases, you may want to skip the e style or styles. This is the part where some expression may suddenly be more comprehensible! Drop caps and nested styles Search.

You can also type the character, such as a colon: Choc zamiescilem w niej dziesiatki przykladow, ksiazka nie zawiera i nie moze rozwiazan wszystkich problemow, ktore mozna napotkac przy pracy nad tekstem. This is what it looks like: Click the character style area, and then select a character style to determine the appearance of that section of the paragraph.

Viewing the full indesitn requires a paid Lynda. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of To add nested styles to a paragraph style, double-click the paragraph style, and then click Drop Caps And Nested Styles.

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