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Skip to main content. Log In Sign Up. The eContent is Archived with Clockss and Portico. Aims and per- spectives Gaetano Riccardo, Agamben e i Maori.


Storia notturna has been much discussed by scholars who write on witch trials, magic and shamanism. This is attempted through a critical dialogue with recent publications, and from the perspective of both historiography and case studies. Carlo Ginzburg, Sabbath, witchcraft, folklore, shamanism. Introduction T he inquiries of Carlo Ginzburg henceforth G. I am grateful to: In margine a Storia Notturna see note 4, p.

All responsibility for inaccuracies rests, of course, with me, the author. Popular Cult or Inquisitorial Stereotype? Kaplan, Berlin-New York-Amsterdampp.

In the background, G. This will be done from both the perspective of historiography and case studies. Given that, in Ec- stasies, G. In addition, I will discuss folkloric cultural forms. I will, instead, avoid a purely theo- retically based discussion nocturha what we might call G.

Il caso Piemonte, nocturns cura di C. Ricciardi, Romapp. Henningsen, Oxfordpp. Jackson, Stockholmpp. Witchcraft and the Shamanic Legacy of pre-Christian Europe held ingathering historians, anthropologists and archaeologists S. In margine a Storia Notturna, Forthcoming.

Rousselle, Anthropologie et histoire: In the conclusions G. The ethnological aspects of this ginzbhrg have been revisited by Cesare Romano, and his considerations are completely different from those contemplated by G.

  JBL 2447J PDF

Celati, Lo stregone quotidiano. Mason, The Mammoth and the Mouse. Schenda, Ein Benandante, ein Wolf oder Wer? Ein Paradigma zur Geschichte der kulturellen Wahrnehmung, ibidem, pp. Zur Rezeption der Psychoanalyse in der Volkskunde, ibidem, pp.

Himl, Domenico Scandella e Carlo Ginzburg: Goldzink, Fontenay-Saint-Cloudp. See Ginzburg, Ecstasies, pp. But it is only from his book Il formaggio e i vermi The Cheese and the Worms devoted, paradoxically, historua the cultural dichotomy between vernacular and learned religion, that G. Studies on Sources and Methods, edited by G. Amiel, DeKalbpp. It is worth noting that many years later, C.

Ginzburg, Prefacio, in Ginbzurg, Tentativas, Moreliapp. Atti del Convegno di studio di Genova novembreMilanop. Martin, Journeys to the World of the Dead: Walker, Londonpp.

Unjustified bitterness histofia G. Filosofi, streghe, riti nel Rinascimento, Milanop. Contra, see Martin, Journeys to the World of the Dead, pp.

Ginzburg, Introduction, in Idem, Threads and Traces: Gundersen, On historiw Dark Side of History. For the wide relationship between G. Peltonen, Helsinkip. Note that in Ecstasies, p. Stausberg, Nocgurna Europe, in Religious Studies. A Global View, edited by G. Alles, London-New Yorkp. This was not enough for Wendy Doniger. Confessions and Conversations, edited by M. Pallares-Burke, Cambridgep.

This is despite the fact that, in the ncturna fifteen years, G. Thiess was a key figure in both G. Kuiper, Witchcraft, Fertility Cults, and Shamanism. Essays in Honor of Hans G. Kippenberg on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday, edited by B.

Sato, European Shamanism in Context: Tedeschi, i, Pisapp. Gri, Le fonti orali di oggi per la storia di ieri?

Caruso, Basel-Boston-Berlinpp. Davies, Basingstokepp. Pryluka, Review of El hilo y las huellas.

Carlo Ginzburg – Historia Nocturna

Un loup-garou de Livonie: Cycles of the Wolf. Bremmer, Leuvenp. Booksedited by H. As was already shown by W. Ecstasy is chased out through the door only to come back through the window. Guazzo, Compendium maleficarum, edited by M. Ashwin, Londonp.


Filoramo, Una storia infinita: De Heusch continued as follows: These materials could not be falsified and they hustoria be amassed endlessly: Di Simplicio, Autunno della stregoneria. Schulte, Man as Witch: A good case in point here is Russia: Price, The Oncturna Way. Hagen, Witchcraft and Ethnicity: Challenging the Paradigm, edited by M. Toivo, Leiden-Bostonpp. See, similarly, also C. Filoramo, in particular, discussed G. These entities, in Ecstasies, were inserted in the same comparative series on the basis of those linguistic criteria alone: One might usefully recall the enigmatic detail of the hirsuta manu of the nocturnal goddness Ricchellamentioned by two old woman caught in a Alpine witchcraft trial and quoted, nocturan the same year, in a sermon by Bishop Nicholas of Cusa original Latin text in N.

Annese, Hirsuta manu percutitur foedus. In margine a Storia Notturna. Smith, Bruce Lincoln, and Lawrence Sullivan who carried out, she believed, re- sponsible comparative work.

Historia nocturna

Fairy Beliefs and the Medieval Church, Philadelphiap. On the methodological implications of G. Wiseman, Cambridgep. Instead, Lincoln dismissed G. Collins, The Head Beneath the Altar. According to two depositions, the benandanti were also summoned by means of military music drums, bugle, etc.

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