About: is a top store of electronic, which specializes in all kinds of IC products, such IC accessories, Module, Robots, Development Board, . APR Single-chip Voice Recording & Playback Device For Single 60 Second high-quality voice recording & playback solution – No external ICs required. Figure 1 APR Pinout Diagram. /M1_Message. /M2_Next. /M3. VCCD. /RE/ RE. ExtClk. APR INTEGRATED CIRCUITS INC. /M2_Next.

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Where to buy the cheapest APR in India?

Which is best place to buy that IC with cheap rate and reliable delivery? Sunrom Technologies, Your Source for Development i found only sunromis that price ok? APR availiabilty the price is apg9600.

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Voice Recording and Play Back Circuit using APR – Best Engineering Projects

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ic chip apr9600

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Mini voice recorder chip recording ic APR9600 DIP-28

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