In the Land of the Lawn Weenies has ratings and 68 reviews. Denver said: This book is just freaky. It is more scary then the last apprentist for me t. The Weenies series is a series of children’s fantasy short stories written by David Lubar. In the Land of the Lawn Weenies. 36 short horror stories that combine suspense, terror, and humor in small, easy-to -read bites. Not suitable for the squeamish, these tales will delight those wh.

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This file contains a synopsis of each story, followed, in many cases, by discussion questions, activities, or other information designed for classroom use. The stories are listed in the order they appear in the book.

While trying to catch fireflies, a boy catches a fairy. This is no Tonkerbell. She has sharp teeth and a bad atitude. Once he has her in captivity, he is afraid to release her. She offers him a bargain that he foolishly accepts. This story can be used for predictive reading.

Some students might be able to guess why the fairy offers to make a diamond. The story presents a good example of a dilemma.

It can also be tied to issues of power, and even to ethical issues related to pet ownership. Back to wwenies main index. Back to literary concepts. After breaking a trinket at a flea market and hiding her actions, a girl is cursed so whatever she loves the most will disappear after she touches it. By the end of the story, she has lost everything, including herself.

The story is a nice way to introduce a discussion on responsibility. Ask the students, “What is the worst thing that would have happened to Laura if she had confessed what she’d done?

Ask them why the ringing stopped. A boy loses his father’s hand. It comes back to punish him. This is probably one of the best stories to read aloud, if you are looking for a laugh. A boy storms law of his house in anger, and visits a classmate he doesn’t know very well. The classmate’s grandfather tells the boy a creepy story about monsters, and then invites him for a walk. The story can introduce a discussion about how the students feel when they interact with old people — both their own relatives and their parent’s friends.

After the students finish the story, have them go back and look for things that make the grandfather seem like the only character to fear. A spooky game involving patterns and repetition gets out of hand. See if the students are familiar with this game. Note how the lines of the chant are broken up with action or descriptions. Most of the breaks are a single sentence. This helps establish a rhythm to the passages. A boy find a tree with a door in the side.

The tree is guarded by a man who tells the boy he is protecting the world from evil. The boy is unable to control his curiosity, and eventually learns what is behind the door. After students have read the story, have them go back to look for the place where the guardian is testing Patrick.


A lawnn is envious when he sees another boy win an armful of prizes at a carnival. His envy changes to lamd when he finds out the prizes are a trap.

Stories from In the Land of the Lawn Weenies

Carnival prizes are a nice way to discuss smart consumerism. The idea of trading up for a larger prize gets less appealing when students understand the math behind the offer. If three small prizes earn one medium prize, three medium earn one large, and three large earn on jumbo, how many small prizes do you need to get a jumbo prize?

A boy teh an overactive immagination finds a stranger in place of his regular barber. The stranger has a razor.

In the Land of the Lawn Weenies: And Other Warped and Creepy Tales by David Lubar (1 star ratings)

Despite this, the story is a comedy. This is a good way to help students learn that they aren’t alone in having worries and fears. Compare the fear here to that in “Hide. A mean baby sitter drags her charge to a playground and ignores him. She also ignores the tube slide in front of lawj, until she realzies that she’s seen a lot of kids come out of the bottom, but hasn’t seen anyone go into the top.

Her realization comes a bit too late. Note the various ways, through both her thoughts and actions, that Kay is portrayed on unworthy of sympathy. A boy who is afraid of “the big kids” gets chased by bullies, but is rescued by ths really big kids, who happen to dislike bullies. The story is a good introduction to bullying, but it is also a nice way to start a discussion about relative perceptions. To a first grader, a third grader is a big kid. Ask your older students how they feel about this.

A bully tells his victin, “I’m your worst nightmare. A nice way to illustrate literal and figurative language. Note that most of the story is a flashback. A boy discovers a cell phone that allows him to listen to conversations from the future.

When this story was written, call phones were fairly new. Have the students pick some new technology to use as the basis for pand story. A thhe is teased and taunted by her brother.

When he gets attacked by a sand shark — on dry land — she thinks he is teh teasing her. This story, more than any other, causes students to ask, “What happened next. They want to know what the parents did next, or what really happened to the brother. You can ask them to write their own ending, or discuss that there are many ways to end a story.

A boy in the back seat of his family car wonders if the trip will never end. Eventually, the reader is led to conclude that the trip lasts forever.

In the Land of the Lawn Weenies

This story is based not on an event, but on a feeling. Every kid has felt, at some point, that a trip would never end. Ask the students to dredge up a childhood feeling of this sort.


It could be a memory, a feeling, or even a fear, and turn it into a story. For another example, see “A Little off the Top,” which was based on memories of getting a hair cut, and how unpleasant it was to have my head in the hands of the barber.

A girl who doesn’t like people wishes she could understand animals when they talk.

When she gets her wish, she discovers what the animals really think about her. This is a classic example of the “be careful what you wish for” story.

The Weenies series

A clueless substitute takes a class of young werewolves to a planeterium. When the full moon comes out, it’s all over for him.

This story is loaded with clues. Have the students do a second reading, looking for all the ways the true nature of the characters was hinted at. When two boys weenie across a vampire, their courage is tested. This is a good story to launch a discussion about friendship and thee pressure. It is also one of the scarier stories in the collection. Note that the kids meet on the corner of Stoker and Main.

A girl is taunted and teased by all her classmates. When a substitue science teacher asks her to participate in an experiment in conductivity she flees the classroom and finds herself face to face im a moral decision. This story raises a great discussion question for older students. Many of them will enjoy the ending, but most would agree that Jane made a very bad decision. Is it okay to enjoy a story where ,awn character acts in a way that we know is wrong?

How does fiction differ from reality? Is there any way to justify Jane’s decision? There is an unauthorized, but excellent, student film based on this story. You can find it on YouTube. A boy takes a rat for a pet after he sees a vampire drink its thr. This turns out to be a bad idea. This is a good demonstration of ecology in the original meaning of the word, where it weenie with life-cycles and the interdependence of various life forms.

When a group of kids chase their baseball into the yard of a spooky old woman’s house, they discover she is really a magical and wonderful person. She transforms them, one by one, into whatever animal best represents their true nature. This is a wonderful experience for all but one of them. If you could become any animal, what would you choose? A boy on a family vacation sneaks into a reptile zoo, hoping to see the python get fed.

Things end badly, though lnd the way the reader might expect.

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