Check out this Script reader who passed on THE INBETWEENERS! AKA one of the biggest cult British TV comedies ever. Where did they go. A script for the forthcoming Inbetweeners movie has allegedly been leaked. The Sun claims to have read the screenplay for the E4 comedy’s. The Inbetweeners is an award-winning comedy series airing on the British TV channel E4. It is based on the lives of four teenage boys in their last years of.

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What a waste of a weekend.

Are you guys coming to acript party later? How fast can this thing go, then, do you reckon? I already told you, it’s not like that. It’s not really fancy dress, you dick.

And I’ll also probably need some I don’t think he’ll need that stick. As you know, I am on a mental gap year. Do you like it? I told her not to come and pick me up.

Don’t worry, I’ll distract Eatty Boom Boom with the buffet. I’ve slung one up her a few times myself. I’m gonna have sex, aren’t I?!


He often works alongside his writing partner Iain Morris. Well sounds like they are thrill seekers too. It’s much better than when I was going out.

How’s it feel to be a man, then?

The Inbetweeners Episode Scripts

There’s an I, then an H, then a V. Christ no, I’m not made of money! That one has fucked everyone. I suppose you tripped. Come over here then. I hope they are cock seekers too! I’m going to go now, then. He says he wants us to pick him up at the garage just outside Camber Sands and he’ll show us how to inbeteeeners to the caravan park. You inbetweenere fancied an eight year old.

I’ve got this amazing app called Grindr. I know what you’re up to. Am I missing anything? Inbewteeners, we’d best be getting ready, Dad. I think she likes me a bit, though. Leave him alone, Terry, you’re embarrassing him.

The Inbetweeners s01e05 Episode Script

Thanks for your text. Where is she now, then? It’s just getting started. I’ve come down from Inbetweenees for this? Wash your hands afterwards! Know another quote from The Inbetweeners, Series 1?


All over my face! Give it a minute. Do you really think she’ll shag me? You’re more likely to get somewhere with a fatso, cos they’re grateful for the attention.

The Inbetweeners 2 Movie Script

Rent boys don’t come cheap. Oi, my dad’s not bent. We were all iinbetweeners age once. It’s a sense of shitting in a bucket in a cupboard you don’t get with other holidays Except for your mum, obviously.

Don’t be embarrassed, son. But really it’s all about the birds.

The hallmark of quality! Did a lot of fingering, though. We’d arranged to meet Jay at the service station, and though Simon could just about drive a car, getting petrol into it still remained a mystery.

The Inbetweeners – Wikiquote

All right, all right. That text was her way of telling you it is on. But Sir, look at his blazer for starters!

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