JAGS Wonderland is described as “A Worldbook of Absurd Horror for the JAGS Roleplaying System.” In this review, I’ll actually be covering. JAGS Wonderland has 2 ratings and 1 review. David said: This is a truly remarkable and creative tabletop RPG lending itself to all kinds of whimsy and ho . I love Wonderland. I don’t love JAGS. A rules-heavy system focusing on meat-and -potatoes mundaneness is totally inappropriate a setting like.

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Wonderoand in ‘ Quests ‘ started by GilliamYaegerAug 4, Log in wondfrland Sign up. Threadmarks View all 2 threadmarks. The place you suddenly find yourself in can only be described as ‘dead’. Surrounding you is an empty, desolate grey landscape that seems to go on forever, the only things breaking it up being broken pieces of machinery.

Wonserland kind of rusted pipe. An object that looks suspiciously like the engine of your car. Uncountable fragments of metal in all shapes and sizes.

There’s even a fucking windmill off in the distance, half buried in the lifeless earth. It reminds you of those pictures of Earth from the moon, but Instead of a beautiful, blue world, its just a giant, gunmetal grey sphere, with circles of brown.

It takes you a moment to realize that those circles are in fact nation-sized craters on whatever the hell covers the planet that hangs above you.

It takes you a couple of seconds to realize what else is wrong with what you’re seeing: There are no stars in the sky, just a black, empty void.

The silence is deafening as you take all this in, until a voice cuts through it like a knife. Its not like time has any meaning here. From the neck down, its relatively wonderlanv. A man in a pure white formal suit with what look like black polkadots, with his hands hidden by white gloves.

But its his head that weirds you out. Its definitely not human, more like a giant slate white banana mounted on a neck, with beady black eyes and an inhumanly jahs grin filled with perfect, gigantic white teeth. And next to wondeland is a You’re not sure how else to describe it in a single word. It’s a short, wonderladn pillar of metal, covered in buttons, doodads and most prominently a gigantic fucking lever. It sort of looks like its come straight from a demented Looney Tunes cartoon.

Oh well, its no matter I’m sure.

What Alice Found There (JAGS Wonderland)

What matters is our plan. Well, my plan, really. It’s not going to be your plan for quite some time, hmm? No, in fact you don’t open your mouth, there’s something wrong. It’s almost like- “Oh, don’t bother trying to talk. You don’t have anything to talk with. You don’t even have a body right now – you’re kind of dead, after all. Because I just killed you.


That’s completely unimportant, though. Despite him standing several meters away from you, and being nowhere near that tall, he crosses the distance between you like its nothing. You can’t help that his feet don’t move an inch as he closes in, looking like some insane perspective trick until your entire field of vision is filled by that grinning, blocky white face.

1 Free Jags Wonderland music playlists | 8tracks radio

You notice his solid black eyes have billions of tiny stars in them. Ah, so that’s where they went, you can’t help thinking. They are encoded survival guides meant as warnings. They are an old and new testament for a coming age of insanity.

JAGS Wonderland: More System and player involvement, Less Fiat? – Story Games

What do you think that means? Uncontrolled, falling down the rabbit hole, is the first book.

Survival is a matter of luck and chance. The characters are cards. The second kind of Descent is controlled. That happens in the second book, when Alice goes crawling through the mirror.

Survival is a matter of skill. The game is chess. He’s starting to rant. The book is an encrypted warning: If nobody is alive then there’s also a stack of bloody severed heads in the alcoves of the Queen of Heart’s castle.

The next bit he says very carefully, as if its of utmost importance that you understand it. There are cracks in the world. There is no such book as Alice in Wonderland the name most adults know both works by. There were always clues in the artwork: The fractures are growing wider. Wonderland is waiting on the other side—waiting to get in. If you had lungs, you’re sure that this is when you would have released that breath you didn’t know you were holding in.

Besides, its better information than you’ll get from those naive idiots in the Wonder,and.

Though, thinking about it, they’ll likely have useful information for you if you’re good at playing along with their make-believe and are especially good at sifting through bullshit. You have no idea what he’s talking about now. He claps his hands. In order for me to give it to you, you’ll need to tell me a little about yourself. Just think very very hard about it, then.

That should be good enough. Now, I’ll go through the options you’ve got – just keep anything that seems like you firmly in your mind, okay? By the way, the year’s and you’re still in the real world, if that helps any. I know for a fact that you’re not the type to run in fear from the things that go bump in the night. Not without good reasons, at least.


Well well, that’s quite a rabbit hole you’re about to go stumbling down. I don’t need to remind you how deep it is though, do I? Maybe this one’s you? I imagine it must be rather unpleasant to be you right now, all told, since you’re in the clutches of Ahh, thats right, you were a star once, weren’t you?

Money, fame, riches and bitches and all that jazz. All you’ve got now are child support payments, a shitty nine to five job and an empty home to greet you every night. Well, until the opportunity of a lifetime comes along sometime later this week This is a lot more useful than you’d think.

No, really, it is. Or maybe I’ve forgotten more than I thought I had and you’re none of these people, in which case I’d really appreciate it if you, y’know, clarified who you are. In your head, of course. Just think about things like your He pauses a moment, a contemplative look on his face before he looks back down at the notebook, pulling out a pencil and beginning to furiously write something down on the page.

The more information you have to focus on, the easier this’ll be for the both of us, but we can make do with the bare essentials if we must. Think very hard about who you are while it happens. Otherwise you might wake up with bits of yourself in the wrong places!

And don’t you worry about me, I’ll be seeing you again the next time you die, even if I’m not the one doing the killing. Au revoir, and don’t believe for a second that the monsters aren’t real.

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