Kajukenbo (Japanese: カジュケンボ Kajukenbo) is a hybrid martial art from Hawaii . The name . Most kajukenbo curricula feature counter-attacks to punches, kicks , grabs, as well as using knives, sticks and guns to counter back. While this base . students and instructors who practice the Kajukenbo arts for a variety of .. yellow belt curriculum well enough to test within months of starting the program. Author Topic: Curriculum Driven School (Read times) In addition is AKKS , Kajukenbo, Lima Lama, Duarte Methode Kenpo Jujitsu.

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Discussion in ‘ Kajukenbo ‘ started by BallistikMikeNov 16, Log in or Sign up.

Nov 16, 1. Oct 5, Messages: Oh I love these discussions and the information is great! Thank you to all the “old” timers posting. I refer to the term “old” timer as a very respectfull salute Ok the original curriculum that was being taught in the kajukenbo system that was brought over to the mainland by Sonny Gascon before the falling out.

Actually before the group broke up? Is that similar to the old Panther Videos that Gary Forbach had out?


I love cross referencing the information. There is oneside and then there is the otherside, the truth usually is in the middle. Is curricilum possible to list the curriculum from back then?

To get a time line going to what we have today? Rather then having a black belt family tree, create a curiculum family tree and see who and what was changed? Nov 19, 2.

Nov 19, 3. Mar 21, Messages: Nov 19, 4. Where do I fond these video series for sale? I can not find the original Panther sets? Thank you for the information. Nov 19, 5. Nov 28, 6. Jun 13, Messages: Hi, With all due respect, not wanting to stir but only to clairfy.

I believe Sifu John Leoning was curriculum Black belt when he came to the mainland, I believe he was a black belt before he was with Sijo Emperado. I have read numerous accounts about lineage, the most recent was from a school on the East coast. Maybe Matt could add something to this? I have been under the impression ckrriculum Sifu John stepped onto the Mainland he was the Senior black kajukenno here. I believe that was one of the reasons Sijo Sonny Gascon changed his whole agenda and the reason Sifu John did not.

Nov 28, 7. Nov 28, 8. Dec 2, 9. Hi all, I was reading another thread and they are talking about the age, or the time in grade of the GM’s etc.

How many are curricculum 8th, 9th, 10th Dans head of system and are not that old in age or time in grade. Lets skip back to Hawaii, time zone 40s and 50s.


Pretty much a group of young men. Some were older but not out of their 30s by any means. The age of the original 5 I don’t think added up to years for the founders of Kajukenbo. Probably be hard pressed to find any one in their 30s.

Lets take some prominent players. Lets go to the 40s, James Mitose Retires 30 years old!! William Chow is 32 years old Kajukenbo is being formulated by men in there very young 20s.

John Leoning is 20 years, depends on the month Joe Emperado is, sadly dead. Ok now we are on the mainland and it is and the three messengers come bearing gifts, oops wrong story. And the story teller has been in the Marine Corps for one 1 year I am I will stop here and ask others if they want to put in some times and dates and then I will get back to you about Sifu John Leoning, not being a Black Belt at 31 years of age.

That is how old he was when he came here.

Kajukenbo Ranks

Dec 3, You claim to have been one of John Leonings white belts back in the 60’s, like that gives you some type of expertise in Kenpo history. I personally know some of John Leonings students who were with him inand onward. I know his son John Leoning Jr. So before I start to believe curricukum were even around his school, I’ll ask you some simple questions about it. Who was the actor who funded John’s first school in Hollywood? In fact the school carried his name, as did the school patch. Who were John’s black belts from to ?

Which black belt broke away from him inand took several of the students with him?

The Original Curiculum of Kajukenbo/Karazenpo

Pretty simple questions for someone who was supposedly there. Apr 15, Messages: Wow An actor that funded the school, how cool! I wonder if he ever stopped by, Man that would make for some cool stories. Put his name on the patch?

Was’nt that a little awkward? Did that Black belt who left ever go anywhere? I’m sure there are some stories, good and bad,I can’t wait to hear them -Luv the history Thanks Todd. Jun 23, Messages: I find these to be good trivial pursute sp type questions, but if gary was there for a short period of time before going into the LAPD or marine corps then he may not have the answers to those questions nor would I find it reasonable for him to have to.

I however do have a fascination with the timeline that he put together. To which I can only come up with one solution. We need the dates that Sifu Leonning sp and Mr. John or Joe or anybody could come up with that info it would be appreciated. Please lets stop with the before I believe you were there stuff and try to steer back on to a meaningful discourse. Although I must admit I’d like cureiculum know the answers to those questions myself.


Hi John, I will kajukenbi this, then please, answer the age question. We have gotten on the wrong side, because I disagree with a few of the things that have been said, about good Martial Art Practioners that I personally know and some I don’t like, but, apparently my opinions get me bounced and others can have theirs and still remain Gary Payne and others that were in the academy, and at Foothill station when I worked out in the weight room and the mats we had set up, all knew this.

John, I have a great reputation, I will send you references if you want to start this Just call up Metro desk and ask for Sgt P. He is about the oldest living or longest on the Job right now, he was my Sgt in Foothill and Metro.

I just talked to him about 2 months ago. He will remember me I saved an over weight Detective who if I had not been there would have been toast, but then that is why I was there.

Foothill Division while on Christmas leave from the academy and curriulum in the streets for the first time Yes, John I kajukeenbo one of Sifu John Leoning’s white belts. But it was the other way around and the Blue or Green I can’t remember. He was a small man, I told him, I am here to learn, and hone up, but I could take him out, he agreed.

We had mutual respect. I was getting Private lessons. As far as those specific questions go I could try to guess. I was a white belt and was not in the know at the time. I will ask, if he had black belts inwho promoted them? Was a Sifu John Leoning student prior to my entry into Police work.

Kajukenbo – Wikipedia

I did see Dennis Weaver in the dojo. I was being trained by lesser belts, kamukenbo main memory was the Kung Fu influence and how often he was training in that.

I do not believe he currichlum trained me personally. But I did get to talk to him or I should say listen while others were talking. When I was there I was under the impression a lot of what we were doing was Okinawan and Shotokan.

He had a special class for Kung Fu, which I also took.

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