Lexmark P Office Appliances All In One Inkjet Printer download pdf instruction manual and user guide. All in One Printer Lexmark Series User Manual .. control panel Russian ( , ) 56P Badge, P model number () 56P Badge, P . View full Lexmark P Series specs on CNET. Monthly Duty Cycle (max). impressions. Manufacturer. Lexmark Operating System Support.

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Lexmark and Lexmark with diamond design are trademarks of Lexmark International, Inc. Other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The manufacturer is not responsible for safety in the event of use of unauthorized replacement parts. It is divided into the following chapters: General information contains a general description of the All-In-One and the maintenance approach used to repair it. Special tools and test equipment are listed, as well as general environmental and safety instructions.

The printhead uses small heater plates and nozzles to control ink flow and the formation of characters on the print media. Rotate This button rotates the image on the control panel display 90 degrees for easier viewing of photos.

Page Preview This button allows you to preview an image before it uer printed, scanned, or copied. Other helpful information about this button: Copies — This button specifies the number of copies to print. Navigating the control panel menus 1. Press the Power button to turn the All-In-One on. The Power and Copy lights come on.

Lexmark Series appears on the LCD. The Manua, Scan, and Photo Card lights go through a flashing sequence, and then the Copy light stays on.

These errors affect the entire All-In-One.

Need manual for P4350

The LCD is on and operating. An error message is displayed on the LCD. The All-In-One accepts data, but discards it and does not respond. You may need manuall intervene using a button press, or the machine may time out and return to the Error! Reference source not found state, depending upon the error. All-In-One back in and turn the power on.


If the error remains, replace USB cable. Manula the error remains, check all connections to the scanner. If connections are okay and error continues, replace the system If connections are okay, replace the system board.

If any of these parts are defective, replace the carrier assembly. Wipes cleans the printhead nozzle plates 2. Provides a place for printheads to fire all nozzles, keeping them clean manula printing 3. Seals the printheads when they are not being used to prevent the nozzles from drying Action Maintenance If the All-In-One has paper jam problems, examine the printer for the following before you begin the service check: To clean the nozzles using the computer: Open the Lexmark Solution Center.

From the Maintenance tab, click Clean to fix horizontal streaks. A manuwl page prints, forcing ink through the lexmrk to clean the clogged nozzles. Clean cartridge cross with a soft cloth. To align the print cartridges: From the Maintenance tab, click Align to fix blurry edges. Click Print to print an alignment page and to automatically align the cartridges. Check the print cartridges to see if they need to be cleaned or replaced.

Check the Copy Quality settings. Press Cancel on any message screen to return to the Self Test menu. Media Sensor Test—The media sensor reads the current paper type.

A message displays the type of paper.

If no paper is detected, None appears on the LCD. Repair information This chapter explains how to make adjustments to the All-In-One and how to remove defective parts. Read the following before handling electronic parts.

Removal procedures The following procedures are arranged according to the name of lemxark All-In-One part discussed. Unplug the power cord before removing any parts. The close proximity of cables to moving parts makes proper routing a must. When components are removed or replaced, any cables disturbed must be replaced as closely as possible to their original positions. Before removing any component from the machine, be sure you note the cable routing. Flex the ASF guide and remove tab A from the hole.

Remove the guide and spring. Lift and remove the door. Control panel cover removal 1. Use your fingers to loosen the control panel cover. Lift and remove the scanner lid.


Flex tab A to the left and remove the paper support. Lift the scanner module assembly. Press tabs B on the scanner support and remove the support. Press two latches C and lift the scanner module assembly.

Use a screwdriver to release tab E and lift the midframe cover. Unplug all cables from the system board. Lift and remove the scanner module assembly.

Remove the usfr module assembly. Remove eight screws A. Lift and remove the small exit roller assembly B. Press tab C on the small feed roller. Press tabs D and loosen the rear cover. Lift and remove the print engine. Remove the rear cover. Remove the print engine. The base assembly remains. Disconnect the carrier cables from the system board. Remove the carrier shaft retainer clips A.

Remove the carrier shaft through the left side. Disconnect the encoder strip B. Press the carrier belt tensioner C and remove the belt D. Lift and remove the carrier assembly. Remove three screws A. Remove the system board. When removing the system board, be careful not lexmar damage the end-of-forms flag B.

Press three clips A.

Lexmark P Series Specs – CNET

Press four clips A. Preventive maintenance This chapter contains lubrication specifications. Follow these recommendations to prevent problems and maintain optimum performance. Lubrication specifications Lubricate only when parts are replaced or as needed, not on a scheduled basis. Parts catalog How to use this parts catalog The following legend is used in the parts catalog: Identifies the assembly and the item in the diagram.

For example, indicates assembly 3 and item number 1. Also See p43350 Series Install manual – 2 pages.

Page of 74 Go. Engine, carrier, and electro Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add.

Lexmark international printer user guide xx 89 pages. Lexmark international service manual color jetprinter 78 pages. Page 4 XXX Removals

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