LOGIC: TECHNIQUES OF FORMAL REASONING. By DONALD. KALISH and RICHARD MONTAGUE. New York, Harcourt, Brace &. World, Inc., i PP. X, Review: Donald Kalish, Richard Montague, Logic. Techniques of Formal Reasoning. [REVIEW]B. H. Mayoh РРJournal of Symbolic Logic 34 (4) Download Citation on ResearchGate | Logic technique of formal reasoning / Donald Kalish, Richard Montague | Incluye bibliografía e índice }.

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It takes students through all logical steps–from premise to conclusion–and presents appropriate symbols and terms, while giving examples to clarify principles. Solutions are provided to selected exercises, and historical remarks discuss major contributions to the theories covered. Symbols and sentences 2. From symbols to English and back 3. Derivability and validity of symbolic arguments 4. Validity of English arguments 5.

Translation and symbolization 3. Inference rules and derivability 4. Theorems with unabbreviated proofs 5. Theorems with unabbreviated proofs 7. Truth-value analysis of sentences 9. Truth-value analysis of arguments Variables, quantifiers, formulas 2. Bondage and freedom kkalish.


Informal notational conventions 4. Translation and symbolization 5. Theorems with unabbreviated proofs 8. Theorems with abbreviated proofs Terms and formulas 2. Revised inference rules 6.

Arguments of English Descriptive phrases, terms, formulas 2. Kalieh of English 9. Additional Derivational Procedures 1. Abbreviated derivations reconsidered; biconditional derivations 4. Formulas without overlay and prenex normal form, again 5. Abbreviated derivations justified; generalized priciples of interchange 6.

A Russellian Theory of Descriptions 1. The Fregean theory of chapter VI reconsidered 2. A Russellian theory of descriptions 3.

Tautological implication; generalized indirect derivation 4. A proof procedure for prenex formulas 5.

Logic: Techniques of Formal Reasoning

A derivation procedure for prenex arguments 6. Conversion to prenex form 7. A derivation procedure for arbitrary symbolic arguments 8. A decision procedure for certain prenex formulas 9. A decision procedure for certain prenex arguments Historical remarks Chapter X: The vocabulary of formal languages 2.

Bondage and freedom; proper substitution; alphabetic varianc 3. Formal theories; the theory of commutative ordered fields 6. Extensions of theories; the theory of real numbers 7. The theory of convergence 3. A sketch of further developments 4. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

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Logic: Techniques of Formal Reasoning by Donald Kalish

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. Academic Skip to main content. Choose your country or region Close. Overview Description Table of Contents.

Previous publication dates April Space, Time, and Stuff Frank Arntzenius. Dauben, and George J.

Composition as Identity Aaron J. Cotnoir firmal Donald L. The Mathematical World of Charles L. The Logical Must Penelope Maddy. Bayes’s Theorem Richard Swinburne. Reasons as Defaults John F.

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