Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for M-Audio SBX10 Watt Professional Active Subwoofer at Read honest and unbiased. Buy M-Audio SBX10 Watt Professional Active Subwoofer: Computer Recording – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The SBX10 subwoofer from M-Audio offers a large amount of power in a compact package. The 10″ front-firing driver is powered by a W Class A/B amplifier.

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A perfect companion to the BX or CX series speakers, the SBX10 is ideal for home or project studios where space is at a premium, but an excellent bass response is needed. The sturdy MDF cabinet has a bass-reflex port for excellent response with minimal turbulence.

The subwoofer has a continuously variable crossover that can be set from 50 to Hz, allowing you to use the subwoofer with virtually any full-range speaker. A rear-panel volume control lets you precisely adjust the subwoofer’s loudness.

It also offers a voltage selector switch for worldwide use. No Longer Available Update Location close. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. I use audoi sub with my BX5a M-Audio speakers. I pushed the sub to top and no issues. That was great for well produced album. Now for recording music you need to do your homework thanks to comments from the other reviews it made a differance for me,I have never used a sub for recording it only took me one day to get it right, again thanks for reviews and internet.

So far this sub-woofer has been more than ample. I have it paired with a set of M-audio BX5’s in my modest home studio and I currently have the volume on the sub barely above minimum and it is more than enough to round out the sound in a crisp clear way.

Audo know that in the future when I expand my studio set up, this sub will be coming with me. It really does have extreme volume capacity and more power to use. I’m really holding it back from it’s full potential. I highly recommend this sub along with most other M-audio reference monitors for their clean and clear reproduction of sound at a modest price. The monitors themselves have plenty of bass, but I was never satisfied with what they had to offer.

Not only did I want to hear the bass I wanted to feel it too. So I decided to buy a subwoofer. I did a lot of research xudio subwoofers in this price range and I decided that this was the best choice. The subwoofer is secured in its box by Styrofoam placed on the top and bottom of the unit. The subwoofer is black all around, including the front face plate and the grill. Pictures online are somewhat deceiving in that it makes the unit look gray with a black faceplate. It was really easy to setup.

Just plug in the cables from your source into uadio input on the sub, plug in the outputs on the sub to your monitors, set the volume, and set the crossover. When I first turned on the subwoofer and played a song, I had the volume set at 0db. I chose a bass heavy song because I wanted to see what the subwoofer could do. As soon as the song started akdio I was immediately surprised at how powerful this subwoofer was. The house was literally shaking. Someone on the complete opposite side of the house noticed and had to see what was going on.


This unit is plenty powerful. There are four spiked feet that simply screw into the bottom of sbx1 subwoofer. It may be possible to make custom feet because the spikes screw in using a normal threaded screw.

Activating the switch essentially cuts the subwoofer out of the audio chain and sends the full signal to the monitors. I found this to be particularly useful when listening at night and not wanting to bother others in the house. What I like about the crossover is that it is variable and you can set it to a particular frequency. So this subwoofer can be used in a variety of configurations, with different setups.

What I didn’t like about the variable crossover is that it is hard to fine tune it to a specific frequency. If you want to set it to anything besides those frequencies it is basically a guess for you.

I’m sure you will get it in the frequency range you want but it might be difficult to tell if you set it at the correct frequency. The subwoofer came shipped to me without the grill attached and it looks rather cool that way. I decided to place the grill on just in case.

The grill attaches to the front face plate by simply pressing it into place, no screws or sbx110 other anchors to secure it into place kind of like a lid to a paint bucket. This isn’t a bad system; the grill will stay put and is very secure. You won’t have to worry about it falling off. The only gripe I have with it is that sometimes I can’t make it sit entirely flush against the face of the subwoofer.

Overall it sits pretty flush and only some parts of the grill protrude further out than others but you can’t really tell unless you are looking for it.

So how does it sound?

The subwoofer basically gave my monitors the bottom end I was longing for. The bass is clean and tight, not muddy. I’ve had years of experience with cheaper subwoofers and those pale in comparison to what the SBX10 has to offer.

It has made my listening experiences even more enjoyable than when I upgraded to studio monitors alone. It really gives your music that kick it’s missing.

Overall I’m impressed with this subwoofer and I would recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about buying one. Rated 4 out of 5 by Anonymous from Sb10 excellent! Never had a subwoofer before, and decided to get one to improve my home studio. Really had no idea what I was getting myself into. I produce electronic music and without a good subwoofer I was not getting the right bass sound that I wanted. Anyway, this thing has a tremendous amount of power.

The first track I played made my dog jump out of his skin from a dead sleep. I have the output adio to about dbs and it’s absolutely sufficient. The bypass pedal is awesome too, and I’m sure my neighbors are as happy as I am about it. If you already have M-Audio monitors, this is the way to go. This sub is built very solid.


M-Audio SBX10 W 10″ Active Subwoofer B&H

I can’t sbs10 anyone could expect anything better than this for the money. Way more power than what I need. Sounds great and is very adjustable for many situations. I like having the crossover audko the foot switch to bypass the sub is a functional bonus.

Better than anyone else zudio with free shipping you can’t go wrong. If your looking for a great sub in this price range I think you’ll be very pleased with your purchase. Rated 5 out of 5 by nightmedia from Literally rocks the house First off, I live in an apartment, and it is well built.

You will need to walk the sub until you find the corner of the house where it does not sound boomy. Sb10 frequency threshold is adjustable, and for me I keep it on the lowest setting, since I run this with a pair of Event 8 active speakers that already have very good bass.

The default volume is on the high side, I guess under the assumption that you would work with active speakers that are turned up all the way, in any case there is plenty of adjustment headroom. There is no vibration or resonance, it is really smooth yet powerful. The only thing that starts resonating after a bit aidio the building walls, and your ribcage.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Aucio Dude from Too good to be true Yup, this subwoofer is too good to be true at this price. With my two matching BX5a’s the sound is wonderful. The crossover works exactly as stated. Its great for music especially when its not compressed like on a store bought CD. For MP3 and other compressed formats you’ll hear all the flaws, pops and hiss in the soundtrack. The subwoofer makes my M-Audio BX5a’s really come alive, midtone and treble are spot on.

M-Audio SBX10 Professional Active Subwoofer Review

But for games it can’t be matched. The bombs, explosions, and gun play are fantastic. Movies even sound life like. I’m saving for 3 more BX5a’s to have 5: The subwoofer has a clean sound, not distored, even when playing really loud. Most of the time I need to turn it down or else the entire house shakes, no lie.

Don’t get this if you live in an apartment or else you’ll get evicted for sure.

Too bad, it would be like driving a Ferrari at 55 mph on a race track. This is not compact or small and its heavy, but, these are only a few of the good qualities. It looks, feels, and sounds expensive.

My only regret is not getting this sooner. Be the first bsx10 review this item. See any errors on this page?

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